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Even Lighter, Even More Compact – Red Paddle Co

Just when you though that Red Paddle Co could not improve their superior design and construction, well guess again. The research team at Red Paddle HQ have just release the NEW, smaller, more compact and lighter iSUP. When we look at the meticulous thought process and development that goes into making Red Paddle Co boards,…

What is the next step from a minimal surfboard

When you are starting to make some real progress on your entry level minimal surfboard, what would be your next step? A high volume shortboard with be he ideal progression giving you more performance than a minimal, yet remaining more stable and more forgiving what an ultra thin performance shortboard. These boards are the ideal ‘next…

June 25 2018 Categories: Product Reviews, Tips and Tricks

Pickle Wax Remover

Pickle Wax Remover | The Verdict

For me, removing wax from a surfboard was always a messy affair, and fairly lengthy. I would use hot water from the kettle and a wax comb to get the majority of the wax off. Then use a cloth doused with white spirt to clean the board up. This did leave me with a clean, shiny…

February 22 2016 Categories: Product Reviews, Products, Tips and Tricks

Surfboard fin systems Blog-featured-image

Surfboard Fin Systems

Surfboard Fin Systems With a lot of options for fin systems available, it’s becoming increasingly difficult to make a choice, possibly struggling to figure out why one is better than the other or what disadvantages they may have. This article is designed to introduce the basic fin systems we come across and outline the advantages and…

January 10 2016 Categories: Product Reviews, Products

Xcel Wetsuits

What Makes The New Xcel Wetsuits So Warm | What is Celliant?

The new Celliant Smart fibre is the warmest and fastest drying wetsuit material Xcel Wetsuits have ever produced. It recycles body heat into performance enhancing infra-red energy.  With the new Xcel Winter wetsuits now in-store, and cold weather soon approaching, its time to look at getting geared up for the winter. And if you’re not fortunate enough to…

September 14 2015 Categories: Product Reviews, Products, Videos

Rainy Day POSCA

  Time to freshen up your board? Why not decorate your board yourself? We are proud to stock POSCA here at Triocean, the perfect tool for surfboard art used by artists all over the world. The pens give a great finish; we stock them in two different sizes (and they don’t cost an arm and…

August 20 2015 Categories: Product Of The Week, Product Reviews, Products

Bubel – Next Generation Towels

The perfect companion for surfing – working out – water sports – beach days – travelling. Bubel is the evolution of the conventional towel, like the computer is to the typewriter, or the MP3 is to the Walkman. Bubel towels are designed and made in Barcelona. These super compact towels also respect the environment; they…

August 13 2015 Categories: Gift Guide, Product Of The Week, Product Reviews, Products

Make Your Own Surfboard: From Start To Finish

Dylan Pegg took on the task of making his own surfboard for the first time. And decided to film the whole process from start to finish.  Like a lot of the modern shapers these days, who are getting larger volume orders, there is a need to use CNC machines to take away the labour intensive…

June 8 2015 Categories: Product Reviews, Videos

Wetsuit Shampoo

What To Do With Your Winter Wetsuit – Wetsuit Shampoo

We are fast approaching that time of the year where we are changing from our winter wetsuits to summer wetsuits. On-line and in-store winter wetsuits are coming on sale. At Triocean our full range of summer wetsuits are on the shelves; Triocean Surf’s Tom has even been seen out surfing in his 2 mm short…

May 26 2015 Categories: Product Reviews, Tips and Tricks


The 10 Best Selling Surfboards of 2014

The 10 Best Selling Surfboards of 2014 Reading an article about “The 10 Best Selling Surfboards of 2014”, it was noticed that we are stocking a few of the contenders. Namely, the Channel Islands “Weirdo Ripper”, Lost Surfboards “RV” and the Lost Surfboards “V3 Rocket”. With global sales figures from both shapers and shops, the…

February 17 2015 Categories: News, Our News, Photos, Product Of The Week, Product Reviews, Products

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