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Open Water Swimming

Specifically designed for open water swimming and triathlons, these suits and accessories will keep you warm whilst giving you superior flexibility and float just where you need it.

For anyone looking for durable, high spec, open water swimming accessories at an affordable price point, we have got you covered. Triocean Surf are proud to have been stocking Zone 3 equipment for several years now, and we can all personally attest to the quality of their kit.

Zone 3 Advance Tri suits are packed with performance enhancing technology. This includes the thicker neoprene on the rear of the leg to support the lower body and conserve energy. Additionally, ‘Smooth Skin’ neoprene covers the outside of the suit to reduce drag and increase streamlining.

Where possible, Zone 3 utilise limestone and scrap rubber tyres in the manufacture of their equipment. This, along with the recycling of neoprene production waste, all helps to reduce land fill, energy consumption and CO2 emissions.

For any assistance in purchasing your open water swimming kit, call us on 01548 854676, or come in store for fittings and advice.

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