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Men's Summer Wetsuits

At Triocean Surf, we stock a large range of men’s summer wetsuits, from 3/2mm full men’s summer wetsuits to 2mm shorties, short johns and long johns and our main brands include Xcel Wetsuits and C-Skins wetsuits with a rangeof Zone 3 Triathalon Wetsuits available too.

Men’s summer wetsuits are perfect for June through to October here in most of the UK, with shorties, short johns and long johns coming in to play in July and August.

Men’s Summer wetsuits are also a great idea for the travelling surfer, with use up to around the 22C° water temperature mark, you never know which country you may need your summer wetsuit in.

Offering free delivery, Triocean Surf are sure you will get the best men’s summer wetsuit to match your needs, with a huge range to choose from, varying from the budget-conscious entry-level suits, to the top spec chest zip men’s summer wetsuits with superior flex, warmth and durability.

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Alongside men’s summer wetsuits, we offer wetsuit accessories to accompany your summer wetsuits. These include high collar rash vests to prevent wetsuit chafing, reef boots and reef walkers for trips abroad and summer foot protection.

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