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At Triocean Surf we stock a huge range of C-Skins and Xcel Wetsuits to cater for everyone’s needs in the water.

Our collection covers men’s, women’s and children’s summer and winter suits. We stock everything from entry-level 3/2mm full lengths and shorties, to top of the range 5/4mm hooded wetsuits.

Wetsuits are constructed from multiple layers arranged to ensure minimal heat is lost from the body with durability and fit taken into account. They work on the principle whereby a small amount of water is trapped between the user and suit which is heated by the body.

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Compliment your Xcel or C-Skins Wetsuit with a complete range of wetsuit accessories available here at Triocean Surf. The split-toe boot is the wetsuit boot of choice amongst the surfer or stand-up paddle boarder. The split-toe wetsuit boot spreads the weight of your toes evenly and minimises foot movement inside the boot, however, both options of wetsuit boot will keep your feet warmer so that you can stay in the water for longer. The new Xcel DRYLOCK 5mm wetsuit boot is made from super soft and flexible neoprene and is internally lined with THERMO DRY Celliant (TDC), this material recycles your body heat into infrared energy, resulting in keeping you warmer for longer. Our wetsuit gloves come in options from 1.5mm to 5mm thickness and in the classic five finger style or mitten style. This can be an essential accessory for those fresh winter surfs. Scientifically most of you body heat can be lost through you head, which can mentally tire you out quicker. A wetsuit hood will add a further layer of insulation and prevent that uncomfortable brain freeze from duck diving or cold winds. The new DRYLOCK hood comes fully Celliant lined, again, helping you stay warmer for longer. Xcel Wetsuits Thermal rash vests are the perfect companion for adding extra warmth to your wetsuit. They act like a blanket giving you a further layer underneath your wetsuit. The hooded polypro’s are a favourite, giving you the combination of a wetsuit hood and thermal rash vest.

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