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From top of the range winter wetsuits for an all-year-round surfer to entry level shorties for the summer months, we’ll have a wetsuit to suit your need and budget.

The following is a standard wetsuit layer construction:

On the inside is a layer of soft, comfortable fabric that does no rub or chafe against the skin. This is often nylon.

After this, often in top end wetsuits is a layer of some heat reflecting material, to reduce heat loss and keep as much heat as close to the body as possible. This is often based on a metal oxide, for example Titanium, which has a low thermal conduction rate (doesn’t let heat pass through with ease).

The next layer is what most of us will be familiar with – neoprene. This is “blown” when it is manufactured, leading to lots of air, or more specifically nitrogen bubbles forming within the neoprene. This is the main insulating component of a wetsuits and heat will not escape easily throughout this layer, leading to increased amounts of heat being retained.

The outside layer will be constructed from a durable, waterproof material that is resistant to abrasion – without this, our wetsuits would not stand up to the wear from surfing and beach-related activities.

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