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All Round Stand Up Paddle Boards

What are the choices for all round stand up paddle boards?

Enthusiasts want all round stand up paddle boards that can do it all, so we believe in stocking stand up paddle boards to suit everyone.

All round stand up paddle boards are designed for a variety of conditions and will need to: paddle and float well on flat water; be stable when catching waves; and have enough performance to handle well once on a wave.

Choosing from a huge number of stand up paddle boards can be a long process with the wealth of information available and hundreds of boards to chose from. Triocean Surf has immediate access to the entire Starboard Stand Up Paddle Board range, we have chosen a few, fantastic all round stand up paddle boards to focus on.

We are confident that our concise range covers the needs of virtually anyone looking for one SUP to perform a variety of tasks, with each model offering a choice of constructions and price points.

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More about All Round Stand Up Paddle Boards

By far, the Starboard 10’5” Drive SUP has been the most popular stand up paddle board to date, with enough stability to allow most users to paddle it on the flat with ease. The round tail and performance rails make this board fantastic for entry in to the surf.

The Starboard Wide Point SUP is available in 9’5” and 10’5”. The first being a more surf-orientated paddle board for all paddlers or a great all round stand up paddle board for lighter paddlers. The second SUP being a wider version of the Starboard Drive, for slightly heavier or less experienced riders.

At 34” wide, the Starboard Whopper SUP will be stable enough for most paddlers, whilst still allowing great surf performance with the round tail and responsive rails.

All the above stand up paddle boards along with the rest of the Starboard SUP range are available for a demonstration paddle with one of our qualified members of staff. Please contact us for more information.

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