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Inflatable Stand Up Paddle Boards

Up to £240 worth of free accessories with all inflatable stand up paddle boards!

  • FREE adjustable paddle
  • FREE leash
  • FREE SUP travel bag
  • FREE pump
  • FREE waterproof phone case
  • and more!

Why choose an inflatable stand up paddle boards?

An Inflatable Stand Up Paddle Board has many advantages over a more conventional fibreglass SUP, including:

  • Easy storage and transportation in its own purpose built bag
  • Very family friendly (hard to damage and will not hurt you or others if it hits you)

Triocean Surf is one of the top UK retailers of Inflatable Stand Up Paddle Boards produced by Red Paddle Co. and we stock the full range of Red Paddle SUP ‘s, SUP paddles and accessories.

The Red Paddle Inflatable Stand Up Paddle Board is regarded as a world leader in its field. They are superior to other brands on the market in terms of construction, design and performance, with a very competitive price point.

All Red Paddle SUP ‘s are constructed using a double layer technique, meaning there are two layers of PVC covering the entire board, with a quadruple layer construction on the rails ( edges of the board) where the top and bottom cross over. This gives the board massive strength, stiffness and durability characteristics, leading to increased performance.

New and exclusive to Red Paddle Co is the Titan Pump which is a revolutionary new pump which pumps up the board quicker and with less effort.

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What our customers say

Just excellent, accurate and helpful service. I think I am their first Starboard drysuit customer, which came along with a Red 13.2 Explorer, I’m a Super happy bloke. Thanks team

More about Inflatable Stand Up Paddle Boards

The more Surf orientated boards have a patented Rocker Stiffening System (RSS) which is a set of fibreglass battens that are inserted in to pockets laminated on the rails of the board making it up to 50% stiffer than other inflatable boards of the same size and thickness, leading to increased responsiveness when surfing a wave.

All Red Paddle SUPs come with a stylish, purpose built and ergonomically designed travel bag, perfect for taking your board wherever you wish to go – even on a plane.
Triocean Surf have access to the full range of Red Paddle Inflatable Stand Up Paddle Boards to choose from.

We focus on three boards which our experience and feedback from customers have shown to be most popular and fit most paddlers needs.

The Red Paddle Co 10’6” SUP is the single most popular inflatable SUP board in the world. Heralded as a classic in all four corners of the world. Designed to match the requirements of the all round rider, it will float and glide easily on flat water, while still riding smoothly and predictably in surf.

The Red Paddle Co 10’8” Ride inflatable Stand Up Paddle Boards are super stable, perfect for bigger riders or the family paddler who wants to carry passengers.

The Red Paddle Co 9’8” Ride SUP is designed to deliver a great surfing shape and a perfect all round board for lighter paddlers and those looking for more better performance in the surf. The 9’8” Stand Up Paddle Boards is 100mm thick for increased performance and manoeuvrability but is fitted with RSS to ensure rigidity is not compromised.

At Triocean Surf we have access to the full range of Red Paddle Inflatable Stand Up Paddle Boards and all boards are available for demo or a supervised test paddle.

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