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Surfboard Blanks

Where does your new surfboard come from?

It all starts with the surfboard blank – in basic terms, a large piece of polyurethane foam that is crafted into the shape of your surfboard, before using fibreglass cloth and polyester surfboard resin to give it strength and make it watertight.

Surfboard blanks need to be lightweight while remaining strong and durable, easy to shape and have a consistent, white colour.

Have you also considered surfboard fin plugs & fin boxes, fibreglass surfboard cloth or polyester surfboard resin to complete your board? We can ship all of these products, so please see our delivery information for further details, or give the shop a call on 01548 854 676.

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More about Surfboard Blanks

Triocean Surf import Xtra Foam surfboard blanks from South Africa and are used all over the world. The surfboard blanks are used by many top UK shapers, who demand only the highest quality materials in order to make the best possible boards.
These shapers include:

  • Luke Young of LY Surfboards
  • Luke Hart of Fourth Surfboards
  • John Purton of JP Surfboards
  • Graeme Bunt of Local Hero Surfboards
  • Dave Farrow of Many Returns and Karma Surfboards
  • Adrian Phillips of Fluid Juice Surfboards
  • Matt Adams of Adams Surfboards

All Xtra Foam Surfboard Blanks are supplied with a fitted stringer that varies in thickness and material throughout the range.

The shortboard and minimal blanks have a 5mm obeche stringer, and the longboard blanks have 6mm obeche stringers for increased stiffness and durability.

Triocean Surf holds a constant stock of Xtra Foam surfboard blanks with a range of blanks across the shortboard, minimal and longboard range, with green performance weights and triple stringers available.

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