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Mid Length Surfboard Testing Bantham

What’s the fuss with mid length surfboards?

March 28 2019 Categories: Product Reviews, Products

Noticing a small gap in the UK market for a board that can be surfed in all waves, by all surfers, we set about doing some research. Our research found that not many UK shapers look at refined mid length surfboards. This lead us to designing the new Triocean Surf mid length surfboard

What is a mid length surfboard?

In basic terms, we would classify a mid length surfboard as roughly between 7 ft and 8ft. It is not a step-up shortboard. You can surf this board in a wide range of waves. Similar in volume to a minimal, but more refined. As a result, this allows the user to progress further than a minimal usually allows.

Triocean-Surf-Mid-Length-Surfboard-Red Tint

What is currently out there?

Many surfboard shapers design models to surf in all conditions. The board that will handle anything you can throw at it. The “one board quiver”. Surf it in knee high waves or as big as you want to.

Hypto Krypto

The Hayden Shapes Hypto Krypto. A popular all-round board… but is it any good for the average surfer that doesn’t shortboard?

These “all rounders” work well and do indeed handle a variety of conditions, however we have found that many of the designs have a few limiting factors:

They are not designed for the average surfer

These boards have been designed for the average shortboarder, not the average surfer. We feel this is ruling out a large percentage of surfers who do not surf a shortboard. Many people enjoy surfing longboards. Some surfers find they might not be able to catch waves and pop up on a shortboard, regardless of how high volume it is.

“Ride this all rounder 2-3 inches shorter than your standard shortboard” is a phrase that is no use to someone who surfs a longboard 90% of the time. This may not necessarily because of ability; your local spot maybe a great longboard wave.

Can you really surf them in small, messy conditions?

You can count yourself lucky if you live walking distance to a consistent surf spot. Above all, most people cannot pick and chose when they surf. As a result, we surf in whatever conditions there are. Quite often it can be very small or messy. Perhaps the tide is wrong and the waves are backing off. Maybe they are reforming and just looking like hard work.

Here on the South coast, we certainly know what a messy, knee high wave looks like. From personal experience, it is very difficult to surf a wave like this on any type of shortboard.

Messy surf

We’ve all been here. Turn up to your local and the waves are not inspiring you to get in. You need a board that will bring a smile to your face in any conditions

So what have we come up with?

These points have been the focus for designing the new mid length surfboard. Working with Nigel Semmens of Ocean Magic Surfboards, we have come up with a board that we hope will appeal to many types of surfers. Above all, we wanted something longboard and shortboard riders being can appreciate and ride the board the way they want.

Riding this board, you’ll find easy entry in to waves and plenty of glide. Trimming is effortless because of this. Similarly, you’ll be floating over the flat sections of the waves.

With Nigel’s background in performance shortboard riding (ex-European champ) and manufacturing, we have designed the board with a medium rail profile. Consequently this gives a combination of float and performance. A thinner, down-turned rail in the tail, allows the rail to be sunk and the fin(s) engaged more, increasing manoeuvrability.

Underneath the board, we have chosen to go with a single concave to a vee through the fins and out of the tail. The single concave gives speed and lift, allowing easy paddling and glide in to waves. The vee through the tail allows the board to roll from rail to rail easily, helping to turn the board.

The beaked nose design allows the volume in the board to be carried all the way through the nose which gives more float under the chest and increases paddle power.


The Triocean Surf Mid Length Surfboard – lots of volume in a refined package

What did we want to achieve?

The main aim with the Triocean mid length was to design a board that can be used by every surfer in all types of waves. Whether you are just beginning or you are an experienced shortboard surfer, being something that everyone can enjoy and experience something new with.

Especially with this summer having been lacking on the wave front, it makes sense to have a board that no matter what the waves,  you can always go out, catch something, have fun and make the session worthwhile.

Spike Chambers Bantham

Mid length surfboard testing at Bantham. Photo by Spike Chambers

What has the response been?

We have had many surfers trying this board, all of different surfing backgrounds and calibres. Here are a few snippets of what our customers and demo riders have to say:

Paddy, usually surfs boards, in the 6’6″ – 8’0″ range

So, I am getting older and am less fit and my back hurts most of the time. I am 6′ and a bit and 72 kg. I was never a great surfer and things were getting worse. My 6’6″ was great, but my wave count was down. I had come to terms with the fact that I am unlikely now to be getting vertical but did and do want to keep improving with my turns and I wanted a board with a bit more volume and paddle speed that was more responsive than a minimal or other standard larger volume boards and easier to duck dive. Matt suggested I try this. I looked at the 7.25″ fin and was dubious. He placed the fin a little further forward. Tried it, bought it, I love it.

Where have I surfed it so far?

So far I have surfed this in stormy onshore mush with continuous duck diving. More wearing on the arms than the 6’6″ but far less so than a previous minimal.

I surfed it in small superclean 2 foot waves and caught a shed full. Pretty much matched the wave catching of those on long boards and to my immense surprise found myself making far sharper turns than I ever imagined I could.

I have tried it in overhead surf in Portugal. There is enough rocker for steeper drops but I got into waves so much earlier that this benefit was required on only a few occasions. I made far more waves than on my last trip to Portugal. I was really surprised by the speed down the line on these bigger offerings, how well it held in the face and again by how well the board turns with a relatively minor shift of weight to the tail. My confidence grew and I started going for more.

It feels like I have made a significant leap forward in my surfing after a number of years of stagnation and I am delighted.

So, if you’re super hot and surfing low volume super fast short boards, committed to tube riding and vertical surfing this may not be your pick (though what about those small mellow days?) but it is without doubt the board most suited to me that I have ever owned and its versatility means that I won’t travel with anything other than this moving forward-why would I?

Really worth trying this out and if you carry a bit more in terms of weight than my frail frame the guys do do custom offerings I have heard up to the 8′ mark. Enjoy!

Paddy Mid Length Surfboard

Paddy on his mid length surfboard, surfing his home break

Olaf, started surfing a few years ago. Became hooked and now surfs more than we do! Started on a longboard and wanted to take the next step

I’ve been surfing on a 9’2” log for the last 2 ½ years and was looking for a board to step down to.

A Minimal seemed to be too much of the same so Triocean suggested a slightly larger version of their new Mid Length.

Based on my height 6’4” and weight 85kg Nigel Simmons decided to stretch the design to 8’ x 22 ¼” x 2 7/8” resulting in 57.45 l volume.

We went with a 2 + 1 set up with 7.25 centre fin and trailers.

The board has enough float to be surfed on smaller waves, but also allows for those bigger days.

While providing plenty stability it equally feels extremely responsive.

It is the perfect board for me to continue improving my overall surfing skills.

Olaf Mid Length Surfboard

Olaf looking happy with his stunning red resin tint mid length surfboard

Holly, surfing on and off for 12 years. Always been a shortboarder, but has recently been been discovering different styles of boards

I have tried this board mainly in shoulder high clean surf, but have had a day in big onshore waves. The amount of flow in and out of turns was surprising. I loved the glide, especially in bigger waves. Found the board worked best for me with a 9″ single fin .

Holly Mid Length Surfboard

Holly getting to try the mid length surfboard in a warmer climate

Tom, learnt to surf early on in life in New Zealand on his Dad’s longboard. After a rugby focused break, he came back to surfing in the North East before moving South. Predominantly a shortboarder

I currently ride a Luke Young Mahi 2 when the waves are small, but if its really small and crowded I enjoy taking this board out. I like the glide and trim that you don’t get with a shortboard. So easy to paddle in to waves, and the pulled in tail allowed me to turn much easier than I thought. Tried it in larger waves and enjoyed it, but it’s going to take a lot to get me off a shortboard when it’s bigger!


Tom finding a quiet wave at a busy beach


You’ll be pleased to hear that we have a demo mid length surfboard. Pop in store or get in touch to book the board out or ask any questions. Our knowledgeable team are on hand to give you the best customer service we can






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