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The float of longboard, condensed into a smaller more agile board.

January 27 2015 Categories: Product Of The Week, Product Reviews, Products


The Matt Adams ‘Slide” available from 6’6″ to 7’6″

When looking for a board that will glide and plane into smaller weaker waves, Matt Adams suggested we look at The Slide.

This board combines the foam and float of a longboard in a shorter, more condensed and agile shape:

“It’s basically a longboard with the middle cut out of it”, Matt Adams. 

The width and thickness make this board easy to paddle, even in the slackest conditions, as well as maintaining stability. This will in turn give you a board that allows easy entry into waves and will give you a stable platform to pop up. The pulled in round tail gives the board its looser, rail to rail feel. This is achieved by the reduced width and volume on the tail, making it easier to transition from frontside rail to backhand rail.

The fins set-up on The Slide is similar to the longboard 2+1 box & trailers; the fin set-up will affect the performance of the board.

Single Fin Set-Up

The single fin set up will give the board a cruising feel to your surfing, engaging more of the rail in turns, and allowing fuller carving turns, as opposed to top to bottom surfing.

On the 7’6′ Slide it is recommended that you use a Dolphin Fin no bigger than 7″. See our range of Maisch fins here…


Maisch 7″ Dolphin, recommended when riding as a single fin.

On the smaller Slide’s a smaller fin is recommended (a smaller fin will also benefit the lighter surfer).

2+1 Box & Trailers

This set-up will give you more performance and stability. With the added trailers which can act as stabilisers, as well as adding drive when turning. You can pump you way down the line more effectively, as well as giving yourself more hold on the bigger, steeper wave.

You can use your side fins, in conjunction with your rail to give you maximum drive and hold, when the rail is fully engaged.

The best trailers for the job is the FCS G-QX Performance Glass fin


There is also a Composite trailer fin available. 


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