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Triocean Surf | STARBOARD 2015 |

January 20 2015 Categories: News, Our News, Product Reviews, Products

Triocean Surf | STARBOARD 2015 |

Here at Triocean we have been busy organizing Starboard’s SUP Range for 2015 making the website more user friendly and pleasing to the eye.

Starboard have been working hard innovating and creating some awesome looking boards for 2015.  The Starboard range still has its all-round long time favorites such as the Drive, Whopper and Wide point, which have be refined and given an impressive face lift with there AST Electric and top spec wood and brushed carbon finishes, boasting striking green and blue colors. The Starshot Red has had a few eye catching changes too, with its red detailed tail pad and cool looking Tiki graphics with a full high gloss finishing on the rails – Starboard quality at an attractive price

Here we have a quick overview of some of Starboard’s most popular boards which are best suited for our location here on the south coast


Starboard have introduced the all new Freeride into there ever growing range, this board is super fast and looks great on the water. This board is definitely one to watch in 2015!!



Starboard Freeride 2015 12'2 Brushed Carbon 2 Starboard Freeride 2015 12'2 Brushed Carbon 3

(Brushed Carbon)



12’2″ X 30″ FREERIDE

“Ultimate glide and speed on an all-round board.”

The Freeride is a hybrid concept, taking some of our race board development and applying it to an all-rounder shape.

Starboard Freeride 2015 12'2 Brushed Carbon


10’0″ X 34″ WHOPPER

“The famous board that makes everything easy. Simply fun for the whole family. ”                        

The Whopper leads the way in easy, fun, performance. A board that’s incredibly stable yet defies its dimensions with effortless trim and dynamic turning abilities.

Starboard Whopper 2015 Wood


10’5″ X 30″ DRIVE

“Extremely versatile flat-water paddleboard. An ideal entry into the waves.”

Chosen for its versatility and all round-fun,

The drive is used by all paddlers looking for flatwater estuary exploring, fitness or surf.

Starboard Drive 2015 AST Electric


10’5″ X 32″ WIDE POINT

“Glide and maneuverability mixed with generous stability.”

A versatile all-rounder, providing exciting performance for the larger rider. Excellent stability due to its width and good glide with its length, makes for maximum enjoyment in any conditions.

 Starboard Wide Point 2015 Wood


The Triocean website now displays the full starboard sup range in a real user friendly way. Go check it out.



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