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Make Your Own Surfboard: From Start To Finish

June 8 2015 Categories: Product Reviews, Videos

Dylan Pegg took on the task of making his own surfboard for the first time. And decided to film the whole process from start to finish. 

Like a lot of the modern shapers these days, who are getting larger volume orders, there is a need to use CNC machines to take away the labour intensive donkey work of cutting the initial layer of foam away. Along with AKU Shaper and CNC cutting machine, a modern shaper can save so much time in cutting out the rough template on the board. This means that more time can be spent on the intricate details, rail lines, and concave’s that give the surfboard it’s individual feel and performance.

make your own surfboard

The before and after shots of an 8’5″ and 6’4″ Xtra Foam blank once it been through a CNC Machine.

Dylan made his surfboard using AKU Shaper and with a CNC machine, as you will see from the video. AKU Shaper he was able to download to his computer. Once that was designed, the file was sent to Diplock Phoenix to be cut; you will see his Xtra Foam 6’4″ Shortboard blank being put through the machine.

Once that was done, it was all down to Dylan to shape the rails and concaves, glass the board and add the plugs for fins.

Make your own surfboard

Shaping a surfboard (L-R clockwise): CNC Machine, Sanding stringer, Glassing the board, sanding the board, drilling the plugs, surfing the fruits of your labour.

To complete the board, Dylan used:

All of this is available through our Surfboard Shaping Kits, where we suggest what the quantities of materials you will need to complete your board.

Enjoy the video, and see how you can make your own surfboard.

make your own surfboard

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