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January 30 2020 Categories: Products, Tips and Tricks

Surfers Ear: What? How? Why?

You may have heard the term ‘Surfers Ear’ increasingly thrown around lately. You may even have it and not know it, but what exactly is it? Surfers ear; or Exostosis as it is known medically, is a boney growth that forms in the ear canal. This is most often caused by cold water and wind…

Scarfini Fin Templates Cover photo
January 18 2020 Categories: Products

Fin Templates – Scarfini Fins

Triocean Surf are proud to be the UK importers of Scarfini fins from South Africa, who produce a large range of fin templates and constructions. Fin templates Our shortboard range boasts a diverse selection of fin templates – single, twin, thruster, and quad fins in different constructions – carbon base, eco (made from hemp, cork…

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