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December 21 2019 Categories: Tips and Tricks

DryRobe Presents – Ross Edgley’s Cold Water Swimming Tips

With open water swimming becoming more popular by the day, DryRobe have provided us with some tips and tricks on swimming in cold water, courtesy of the machine that is Ross Edgeley. Click here to see the article.

November 26 2019 Categories: Sponsored Riders, Videos

Louie Harrow and Jack Parker-Swift at The Wave in Bristol

Louie Harrow and Jack Parker-Swift at The Wave in Bristol We really do breed quality surfers down here in the South Hams – resounding evidence comes in the form of the video below. Starring sponsored Triocean Riders; Louie Harrow and Jack Parker Swift, with some quest appearances from Simon Harrow and James Long. All shot…

November 22 2019 Categories: Tips and Tricks

Leash String Do’s and Dont’s

It may sound simple, but people still get this wrong. You suffer a heavy wipe out, get dragged along ankle first, then you surface and… your board has been cheese wired by your own leggy string. We have this repair come up so often, this blog will probably lose us business – but it’ll save…

October 19 2019 Categories: Products

Red Paddle Co’s MSL Technology

Red Paddle Co’s MSL Technology is recognised as the industry’s leading construction process and is exclusive to them. They are the only inflatable brand in the world that produces their boards in their own, private facility. Meaning no other board comes close. We’re here to tell you why… The difference is in the detail. By…

New 2020 5 Year Warranty From Red Paddle Co.

Red Paddle Co will be offering a 5 year warranty for each board bought from the 2020 range! Just like their 2 year warranty that was avaialable on 2018 and 2019 boards, we will require you to register the warranty by clicking this link within 3 months of purchase to activate the extended warranty. The…

April 22 2019 Categories: Sponsored Riders

Triocean Team Riders Winter Essentials | Noah Capps

Its April. The sun is shining, the daffodils are singing; its spring time. And with that we emerge, (still head to toe in neoprene) with a renewed excitement for warmer weather. It is here we end our winter chats with our Triocean team riders winter essentials series, after a chilly season with some decent waves….

April 1 2019 Categories: Stand Up Paddle Boarding

How To Choose The Best Stand Up Paddle Board For You

So, you’ve fallen in love with stand up paddle boarding (SUP). You’ve decided it’s time to get your own board. Good for you! But what next? What you’ve probably realised by now is that there is a vast range of stand up paddle boards on the market. You need to choose your board carefully to…

March 29 2019 Categories: Products, Stand Up Paddle Boarding, Tips and Tricks

Triocean Hire Equipment

Now that spring has sprung, with the summer following soon after, we’re coming into our busy period here at Triocean Surf. In light of this, our hire boards and kayaks emerge from their wintry slumber. We have a range of surfboards, stand up paddle boards, kayaks and bodyboards for hire. So if you’re in need…

Mid Length Surfboard Testing Bantham
March 28 2019 Categories: Product Reviews, Products

What’s the fuss with mid length surfboards?

Noticing a small gap in the UK market for a board that can be surfed in all waves, by all surfers, we set about doing some research. Our research found that not many UK shapers look at refined mid length surfboards. This lead us to designing the new Triocean Surf mid length surfboard What is…

March 1 2019 Categories: Sponsored Riders

Triocean Riders Winter Essentials | Louie Harrow

For our second instalment of the winter riders series, we headed over to Kingsbridge’s local watering hole The Crabshell to catch up with one of its resident DJ’s Louie Harrow. So Louie, whats been happening with you in the last year? Anything planned for this year? 2018 was a good year for me. Had my GCSE’s…

February 28 2019 Categories: Uncategorized

Stab Mag Has Given Us our Next Potential Surf Trips…

If you’re wanting inspiration for your next watery adventure, but aren’t keen on the crowds of the popular surf destinations – Stab Mag has the article for you. Check it out here…

February 8 2019 Categories: Product Reviews, Products, Sponsored Riders

Triocean Riders Winter Essentials – Jack Parker-Swift

Over the years, The South Hams has produced some very talented young surfers. The likes of Noah Capps, winning national titles in his age group, as well as taking the 2017 UK Pro Surf Championship crown. Ellen Harding, making Great Britain ladies, and qualifying for the women’s QS tour. Lets not forget her younger brother…

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