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Triocean’s Surf Travel Essentials

February 28 2020 Categories: Products, Tips and Tricks

Throughout the years, the Triocean Team have been fortunate enough to visit many a foreign shore. In that time, we’ve picked up a few tips and tricks in our packing list, that have been vital to a fully functioning surf trip.

With many incredible surf destinations being more accessible than ever, increasing amounts of people are fleeing the chilly shores of the British Isles in search of something warmer and more consistent. If you’re lucky enough to be one of those people, we have compiled a selection of must have surf travel essentials to include in your packing list…

Surf Gear

  • Travel/Coffin Board Bag

    • It’s the bane of every travelling surfers life. You get to your destination, unwrap your board to reveal that the baggage handler gods have demanded your board as a sacrifice. The only way to combat this ever emerging problem is to invest in a decent travel bag. Depending on how many boards you’re taking, you’ll either need a double board bag for up to two, or a triple or ‘coffin’ bag for three or more. It’s worth bearing in mind, extra padding will be needed for the rails, nose and tail. You can use clothing, towels or wetsuits to do this.
    • Browse our range of board bags here

  • Appropriate Neoprene

    • Before you set sail to your surfing mecca, you’ll need to check the sea temperatures to determine what wetsuit (or not) you’ll need to take. A useful website for this is If you’re heading to the tropics, all you’ll need is a 1mm rash vest, or just a t-shirt to keep the sun and wind off. Some places will only require a summer suit, while places further away from the equator will need a full winter wetsuit, boots, hood and gloves.

  • Spare Leashes

    •  It’s a real pain breaking your leash in the surf and having no spares. Depending on what types of waves your chasing will depend on what leashes you take (I usually like to take 3). We’ve found the Ocean & Earth Regular Leash (from £19.95) is ideal for everyday waves. When surfing bigger waves of consequence you’ll need something stronger and thicker.
  • Spare Fins

    • The likelihood of ripping out a fin when surfing reefs or rocky breaks is fairly high. Wherever you’re going you will always need a spare set of fins. They can also be expensive to buy in most popular surf destinations, so take spares. It is also useful to bring a bigger set of fins in case the surf picks up, for more grip and drive.
    • A great option for a spare set for reasonable sized waves are the Scarfini Carbon Base FX5’s

  • Wax, Pots and Combs

    •  Take more wax than you think you need. It’s always more expensive abroad, so for the sake of a couple of quid, stock up! As the water gets warmer, you’ll need harder wax, so again, check the water temperatures of where you’re going.
    • Grab yourself a 5 bar wax deal here.
  • Ding Repair

    • A must have to avoid missing out on surf sessions, and cheaper than getting the local ding doctor to sort you out.
    • Solarez (£16.95) – Sand the area you’ve dinged, wack some of this stuff on (in the shade), put your board out in the sun for 5 minutes and boom, water tight for your next surf.
  • Ear Plugs

    • Plugs are vital for cold water surf trips to avoid the dreaded ‘surfers ear’. I always take mine if I’m surfing in warmer water to avoid ear infections and water becoming trapped in the ears. Also super handy if you’re staying in noisy hostels.
  • Reef Booties

    • Going somewhere tropical? There’s few things worse than getting a small reef cut, thinking nothing of it, then for it to become infected and you’re out of the water missing out on cooking surf.
  • FCS Ratchet Multi Tool 

    •  This modest looking chap is a LIFE SAVER – just add it to your basket now. I can’t tell you the amount of times I’ve been glad to have packed it. The FCS Ratchet Multi Tool (£15.95) is perfect for when you loose your fin key, and also has a screw head that takes out rounded grub screws. Other attachments include Phillip’s and flat head fittings.

Sun & Skin Protection

  • Suncream

    •  To be blunt, you’re an idiot if you don’t take sun cream on a surf trip. As a surfer, you are three times more likely to develop melanoma (skin cancer), with lighter skinned people being most at risk. In less socio-economically developed countries, suncream can be very expensive, or more dangerously, fake or watered down. The best thing to do is to buy it before you go abroad.
    • Luckily, Surfers Skin has developed a range of sun protection which is designed to be ultra water resistant, and it doesn’t run in your eyes. Take it from us, it works. It’s made with New Zealand Manuka honey and Aloe Vera; which accelerates healing, sterilises infections, and offers strong anti-oxidant and anti-inflammatory properties.
  • Sunglasses

    •  Polarized lenses are they way forward here. They allow you to look at the water when there’s bright sun reflecting off of it and are just are just a god send for your retina’s. To suit the travelling surfers needs, Dewerstone have brought out a range of polarized wooden sunglasses that float! Shop our range here.
    • Top tip: take a spare pair of sunnies. With all the going’s on that you associate with a surf trip, there is a high chance your sunglasses will break, get lost, or nicked.

  • Hats

    • For maximum sun protection, a full rimmed hat is ideal – although not the most flattering. For in the water, we have a Ocean & Earth Stiff Peak Surf Hat that is not only functional, but also super stylish…
    • If you are looking for more self respecting sun protection why not try out our Triocean Trucker Caps or Snap Backs
  • UV Protective Clothing

    •  If you’re lucky enough to be going somewhere that you wont need a wetsuit, it is advisable that you still wear some sort of top layer. It will prevent sun burn when out on the water, and stop the nasty wax rash that most of us get on our (usually wetsuit clad) stomach.

Useful Extra’s

  • Northcore Key Pod Key Safe

    •  In every popular surf destination in the world, you’re bound to get opportunistic thieves operating in the car parks. Unfortunately they’ve cottoned on to ‘the wheel arch’ hiding place, and have no problem driving away with your vehicle. The Northcore 5G Key Pod (£26.95) is a robust solution to this, so you can have piece that your car/van/hire car will be safe whilst you’re out surfing.
  • Changing Towel / Dry Robe

    •  Whether you go for the top end Dry Robe, or a towelling robe, you’ll be glad you bought one. They are great for maintaining modesty whilst getting changing in car parks, or if travelling in a van, can be used to stay warm whilst sitting out in the evenings.
    • Dry Robe Advance (from £139.95) – Made from shower & wind proof outer fabric, whilst the wool like inner lining helps keep you warm, whilst drying you off. The 2 way zip gives an easy exit/entry, whilst providing excellent protection from the elements.
    • Triocean Towelling Changing Robe (£34.95) – A cracking piece of surfing kit that actually makes changing a whole lot warmer, easier and faster.
    • Top Tip: Use your changing robe to pad out your boards to avoid baggage handlers damaging them, and save space in your luggage!
  • Dry Bags

    • Just a useful bit of kit to have. They pack down flat, and are ideal to put a towel and wetsuit in if you have to walk to breaks.
    •  Browse our range of dry bags here.
  • Re-Usable Drinks Bottle

    • Reduce your plastic usage by taking a decent re-usable drinks bottle. In hot countries it is vital to stay hydrated to avoid sunstroke/exhaustion and dehydration. Couple that with physical exertion from surfing means needing to drink ALOT of water. While in some countries you can’t drink the tap water, it is still better to get a big 5L + bottle of water and decant into your reusable one.
    • Red Original Insulated Drinks Bottle – Made from marine-grade stainless steel , this bottle will keep your water (or beer) cold for 24 hours and your coffee hot for 12.
    • HydraMate Foldable Drinks Bottle – If space is a premium in your luggage this is a handy little bottle. Folds down small enough to put in your pocket, but holds almost a litre of water.

  • A Decent Pair of Flip Flops

    • The humble flip flop. They can be worn for almost any activity and are a staple on the packing list for a surf trip. But at some point, they break – usually at a really inconvenient time. This is why it’s important to get some proper flips flops (and I’m not talking about the ones with shells and beads on).
    • Triocean Flip Flops (£12.95) are part of our staff uniform (not really), and I can confirm they are a solid sandal. A good option to take abroad, that even the rockiest dirt track cannot defeat.

With this list of travel essentials , you are ready to go out and explore the surfing world. Of course everyone has their own travel essentials that they swear by, but sometimes it’s good to compare notes…

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