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Group sea swim to raise money for a good cause.

We’re raising money for an open incubator for the Special Care Baby Unit (SCBU) Torbay Hospital. For newborn babies who are premature or need extra care. Having been in the position, spending 5 weeks of her life in The SCBU unit with two of her sons that were born 33 weeks and 36 weeks premature,…

September 7 2018 Categories: Our News, Uncategorized

Even Lighter, Even More Compact – Red Paddle Co

Just when you though that Red Paddle Co could not improve their superior design and construction, well guess again. The research team at Red Paddle HQ have just release the NEW, smaller, more compact and lighter iSUP. When we look at the meticulous thought process and development that goes into making Red Paddle Co boards,…

Try a full range of paddle boards for free

No you haven’t read it wrong, time to free up your schedule! It’s that time of the year, where the weather warms up and the tides are spot on for Triocean Surf, in partnership with Red Paddle Co, Waterborn SUP and The Crabshell Inn, to give you the opportunity to demo a range of SUP’s…

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Beginner’s Fin Guide: How to Choose Size, Shape and Construction

The shape and size of your fins can make all the difference when trying to progress to that next level. If you’re just getting in to surfing, your first priority is to be on a board that’s right for you. See our guide to Mini Mals, here: Why a Mini Mal surfboard is ideal for…

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Red Paddle Co

How strong are these Red Paddle Co SUP’s, really: PART 2/10

As promised, with the surf still low and the sun playing hide and seek, we are here to bring you the latest with the Red Paddle Co board testing. We have already seen Red’s adorable furry companions test the durability of these exceptional boards, so what is in store for us today? Test 2: Previously in…

August 24 2017 Categories: Uncategorized, Videos

Red Paddle Co Inflatable SUP

How strong are these Red Paddle Co SUP’s, really: PART 1/10

By now you’ll all know about the increasing popularity on Stand Up Paddle-boarding (SUP), in particular Red Paddle Co. Aside from their excellent construction, ease of use, unrivalled performance and exceptional customer service, how strong can they be? Red Paddle Co set out to find the answer, putting their own spin on ‘product testing’, which…

August 20 2017 Categories: Uncategorized, Videos

Poetry, Style & Summer Waves

Some amazing, stylish single fin surfing from filmmaker Evan Adamson, showing us that the traditional style of surfing is just beautiful to watch.  One look outside your window, and a quick glance at the swell chart for South Devon for the up and coming week, and this could all be reality; just add a pinch of crowd. Otherwise…

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Surf Ears Let Sound In | Keep Water Out

Let Sound In | Keep Water Out – Surf Ears Surf Ears began as a Kickstarter, crowd-funded project. The aim of SurfEars is to eliminate ear infections and other medical conditions, such as ‘surfer’s ear’. For those of you that haven’t heard of ‘surfer’s ear’, it is a preventable condition caused by wind and exposure…

February 2 2015 Categories: Products, Uncategorized

Christmas Gift Ideas – Down To The Last Week | Triocean Surf

Christmas Gift Ideas – Down To The Last Week | Triocean Surf We’re all down to the last 9 shopping days before Christmas. Hopefully you should be coming to the end of your Christmas list. There will undoubtably be some of us who haven’t. Here’s the next instalment of the large, medium and small gifts….

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Noah Capps | Training at home | South Devon and Cornwall UK

Noah Capps | Training at home | South Devon and Cornwall UK The latest edit from Noah Capps, one of Triocean Surf’s team riders. Surfing at home in South Devon and Cornwall, he’s showing some impressive and consistent surfing. Noah is riding a Luke Young shortboard with Hayden HS3 XS Future fins and wearing a 5/4mm…

November 23 2014 Categories: Uncategorized

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