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Wetsuit Shampoo

What To Do With Your Winter Wetsuit – Wetsuit Shampoo

May 26 2015 Categories: Product Reviews, Tips and Tricks

Wetsuit Shampoo

We are fast approaching that time of the year where we are changing from our winter wetsuits to summer wetsuits.

On-line and in-store winter wetsuits are coming on sale. At Triocean our full range of summer wetsuits are on the shelves; Triocean Surf’s Tom has even been seen out surfing in his 2 mm short arm long leg Xcel wetsuit last week. So what should we be doing before we pack away our winter wetsuits for hopefully a long hot summer?

To increase the longevity and freshness of your winter wetsuit it’s best to rinse them out with wetsuit shampoo before we pack it away for the summer.

This is what we do:

1. Get your wetsuit, wetsuit bucket (filled with cold fresh water) and wetsuit shampoo ready.

Wetsuit Shampoo

2. Add the wetsuit shampoo into the bucket (2 capfuls per 4 litres of water).

Wetsuit Shampoo

3. Give the water and shampoo a stir.

Wetsuit Shampoo
4. Submerge and scrub your wetsuit down, eliminating salt water, sweat and other residue. (sometimes urine, for those of you that do!!), and leave to soak for a few minutes.

Wetsuit Shampoo

Wetsuit Shampoo

5. Throw out existing shampooed water and add fresh clean water to your bucket. Rinse your wetsuit as you do normally after each surf.

6.Hang to dry out naturally.

Wetsuit Shampoo
Take out in October/ November when the water starts to get cold again.

To eliminate further odour from wetsuits, boots and gloves you can use Odour eliminator.

 Wetsuit Odour Eliminator


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