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Nazaré on a skimboard? Must be Brad Domke

November 30 2015 Categories: Videos

Nazaré on a skimboard? Must be Brad Domke

You look at the recent coverage of Nazaré Portugal over the past couple of years, it features some of the Big Wave surfing legends such as Greg Long, Garrett McNamara and Andrew Cotton. But what separates them from the latest footage of Brad Domke?


We’ve seen Brad take on a massive Mexican pulse, pictured below. But here is some footage of him being towed into a Portuguese wedge on his skimboard. Yes skimboard!!

Screen Shot 2015-11-30 at 16.29.44

Brad Domke on a Mexican Monster; no fins, just rail. Officially the biggest wave ridden on a skimboard.

As if the wave wasn’t fast or steep enough, Brad opts for the no-fins, which of course gives the tiny skimboard very little hold. Although this particular wave wasn’t quite the 90ft + monster that Garrett McNamara surfed back in November 2011. Credit to him to tow into this on a tiny skimboard.

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