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Luke Young Surfboards | Get to know your shaper

April 30 2015 Categories: Videos

Luke Young Surfboards

“Good boards aren’t cheap, and cheap boards aren’t good”.

Luke Young really gets a buzz out of working with you, to create a custom surfboard that is right aesthetically and more importantly in performance. He really understands the long term relationship between you and your shaper. 

In this video Luke talks through what shaping is to him, and the value of customer feedback to continually improve his boards. We also see the stages of shaping from the grunt work of plaining and sanding the template, to the intricate work of finishing and spraying.

In conversations with Luke he has talked about his attention to detail, and the value of providing first rate customer service, which you can see from the video.

No one is perfect, nor do they know it all. Which is why the value of feedback from both team riders, and return customers is the best way to improve his knowledge of shaping. There is merit in building a bond with your shaper to help progress your surfing, and equally to help progress your shapers ability to build you your “magic stick”.

Luke Young Surfboards

Joe Harding on his Luke Young Inch Pincher


Joe Harding, who has been riding for Luke for 3 years now, is loving and performing on some of the shapes that Luke has been crafting for him. In the previous post, “Why Surf?”, Joe mentioned that one of his greatest surfing moments was becoming a sponsored surfer; Luke Young being one of them.

The fact that each board made, has been talked through to service his needs as a surfer, not only help him to perform, but to have tons of fun in the water.

Luke Young Surfboards

Joe Harding combo shot, in Bali.


In the shots of Joe he is riding his “Dog Tool”, and in the first shot above, his small wave board, the Inch Pincher (pictured below, and made famous on our Facebook page by Dave holding it whilst posing with the Redbull girls), which has proven it’s worth on the small gutless Bantham surf.

Luke Young Shortboard

Luke Young Surfboards

Dave taking some time out with the Redbull girls, and 5’5″ Inch Pincher.

















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