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Just Another Brilliant Video Of Kelly!!

May 3 2016 Categories: Videos

It’s just mesmerising watching the King in motion. Long barrels, highly fluid critical turns, and the “how the hell did he do that” rewind.

There’s a reason that Kelly Slater is and 11x World Champion, he can surf pretty damn well. To me I really love watching good thick power turns and long barrels, coupled with the odd freakish “how the hell did he stay on there?”

Thumbs up. Kelly Slater flying out of a Fijian tunnel.

In this video Kelly Slater is testing out a 5’10” x very little on an 8ft wave, most of us mere mortals would expect that would be under-gunned for Cloudbreak, Fiji; not KS.

Screen Shot 2016-05-03 at 11.44.26

KS smashing the lip and throwing some thick spray. Beautiful to watch.


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