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Surfing a Tsunami in Alaska…Looks COLD!

October 11 2011 Categories: Uncategorized

Somewhere in Alaska some guy sounds like he is getting the ride of his life.

Can you believe 50km form the coast this guy appears to be surfing what looks like a tidal bore. However the wave was caused by a nearby earthquake.

Well as you can hear, this guy is super stoked to be riding this wave, even in the super cold temperatures of Alaska. You will see that he is bundled up in a Winter Suit with a hood. Share his joy of riding choice wave this winter, and get your self into Triocean Surf to see what bargains you can pick up.

We are currently selling last years Winter Suits at 20% off. Want to keep up with the trends, check out our Winter Suits, Hoods, Boots and Gloves.

We have everything to ensure you have a warm surf this winter.

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