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Surf Ears Let Sound In | Keep Water Out

February 2 2015 Categories: Products, Uncategorized

Let Sound In | Keep Water Out – Surf Ears

Surf Ears began as a Kickstarter, crowd-funded project. The aim of SurfEars is to eliminate ear infections and other medical conditions, such as ‘surfer’s ear’. For those of you that haven’t heard of ‘surfer’s ear’, it is a preventable condition caused by wind and exposure to cold water for a prolonged amount of time. Exposure to the cold weather causes ‘abnormal formations’ in the ear to obstruct the ear canal resulting in blockage, infection and reduced hearing.

surf ears ear plugs


SurfEars have created a solution to preventing ear infections and other complaints by designing fully customisable ear protection that doesn’t affect your balance and hearing. The acoustic mesh works with the core which maximises hearing and protects the ear from damage caused by the elements.

surf ears ear plugs


SurfEars have been tried and tested by professional, independent acoustic experts; tests show that they cause very little auditory loss. Direct quote from Toby Aimer, Inertia’s Contributing Editor, ‘With the unique design that allows sound in, I’m no longer that loser in the water that isn’t talking to anyone.’



“Surf Ears provides two pairs of plugs and the comfort that you will never be landlocked while the waves are firing ever again.” – Toby Aimer, Inertia’s Contributing Editor

“Too many years in the ocean (although never enough) has left my ears a little thrashed, but I’m loving my @surfears keeping them clean and dry, while still allowing me to hear and without messing up my balance.” – Brad Halstaed, driftwood project

“These are the most high tech, comfortable, and functional earplugs on the market. Be careful though, you might forget to take them out when you’re done” –

Available to buy at Triocean Surf – Surf Ears – Protect your ears in the surf

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