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Oops . . . When Surfboard Repair Goes Wrong

August 26 2014 Categories: News, Our News, Photos, Products, Tips and Tricks

Occasionally we have customers bringing boards in for repair, mentioning that it has previously been repaired but is now “leaking”

We had one such case recently, with a centre fin box looking a bit suspicious.

Here’s what we found upon investigation:








Unfortunately, this accident can (and does) happen quite easily. The board that was brought to us is an epoxy construction – meaning the blank used to shape the board is polystyrene foam and epoxy resin was used to glass the board.

The industry standard resin used to laminate surfboards is polyester resin – this contains a chemical named styrene, which will melt polystyrene upon contact . . . in this case, a fin box has been re-set using polyester resin, which in turn has melted the foam around and below the box. You can see in the first picture that the foam has melted all the way down to the deck of the board (through 5 inches of foam!)

When repairing your own board, make sure you use the correct materials – we stock polyester and epoxy sun cure resin. If in doubt, remember that epoxy resin will work on all types of boards.

If you don’t feel confident enough to attempt to repair your own board – we offer a professional repair service which covers all manners of surfboard and SUP, with no job too big or small.  Feel free to fill out a contact form or drop by the shop for advice on your surfboard repair


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