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Are You Using The Right Wax

October 29 2014 Categories: Product Reviews, Products

Are You Using The Right Wax | Triocean Surf

The clocks have gone back, the days are getting shorter, and the water is staring to get colder. Soon we’ll we slipping into our winter wetsuits. Boots, gloves, then hoods start to become essential, as we appear from a crisp surf red faced and fat handed.

As the temperatures change make sure you come out with the right wax. The sea is beginning to cool down now with today’s sea temperature being 15 degrees C.

Based on the SEXWAX temperature guide, we should be using:

Cool to Cold Water (Green)


Cool to Cold Water (14deg to 20deg)

However, as the temperature drops, you’ll need to change up and get on to the Cold Water Wax (Purple):

Cold Water (Purple)


Cold Water Wax (14deg an below).

Other options for cold water wax will be Sticky Bumps Cold, or the Sticky Bumps Day Glo (add more colour to your surfing).


Sticky Bumps Cold


Sticky Bumps Day Glo















If ever you’re unsure pop into the shop, chances are one of us would have been surfing either that morning, definitely that week, and we’ll advise you on the right grip for your stick (wax for your board).

Whats The Difference?

In a nutshell the warmer wax is generally harder, less sticky and will have a higher melting point, so you can use it in warmer water temperatures.

The cold water wax is much softer, stickier, giving you more grip when surfing colder water.

Don’t Forget…

Some of you may like to put a base coat on your board. This is a layer of warm (harder) water wax. This gives your top wax more grip, keeping it in place. As a result you don’t have to keep topping your wax up all the time, nor does it slide around when you’re surfing.

Tropical Wax (Base Coat)

Tropical Wax can be used as a base coat.

Tropical Wax can be used as a base coat.


You May Want To Consider

The perfect companion for the surf wax will be:

Sex Wax Pot & Comb

The perfect gift, it keeps your wax clean, stops it rubbing off in your car and makes it easier to store and find.


SexWax Pot & Comb – Store your wax, and keep it clean.

Wax Comb

Scrape off old dirty wax with the flat side, or churn up the compressed wax with the comb side. Churning the wax makes it more sticky, giving that layer extra life and grip.

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