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Surf Fitness #1 – Beach Warm Up

November 22 2011 Categories: Products, Tips and Tricks

Surf Fitness #1 – Beach Warm Up

With winter fast approaching there’s no better time to focus on your fitness. We’ve put together a series of 10 posts to help push you in the right direction. We suggest for more information you try the “The Complete Guide To Surf Fitness” book.

Before heading straight out into the surf it’s important to warm up your body just as you would before any other sport. A warm up for surfing needs to consist of a range of static stretches and mobility exercises that help to prepare your muscles and joints for the surfing ahead of you.

For more information on surf fitness and how to develop the perfect pre-surf warm up we check out “The Complete Guide To Surf Fitness” book; for the meantime, here are 3 tips to get you started.

1.  Leg Swings

Stand up right, hands on your hips and with your feet in line with your shoulders. Making sure you stay completely upright slowly start to swing your right leg forward then back gradually swinging it higher to its furthest but still comfortable position.

Repeat this on each leg for 3-4 minutes.

2.  Ankle Rotations

Standing in the same position as you did for the leg swings put your right leg out in front of you with your toes pointing towards the sand. Now slowly rotate your foot at the ankle, drawing an imaginary circle in the air with your big toe.

Repeat this twice on both legs with 12 rotations each time.

3. Arm Swings

Standing upright hold your right arm out in front of you at a right angle to your body. Slowly rotate your arm a full 360 degrees down past your hips and back up behind you. Make sure you stay facing forward and be sure not to push your shoulder too far during this stretch.

Repeat 15-20 rotations on each arm

For more information on warming up your body for surfing or anything else surf fitness related try “The Complete Guide To Surf Fitness” by Lee Stanbury.

Check back next week when we will be going through a couple of steps on how to keep get your endurance levels up – a must for any surfer.

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