If You've Had Doubts About Inflatable Stand Up Paddle Boards...
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If You’ve Had Doubts About Inflatable Stand Up Paddle Boards…

May 5 2015 Categories: Products, Videos

Red Paddle Co

Red Paddle Co believe that owning an inflatable Stand Up Paddle Board shouldn’t mean you have to compromise on performance, looks or quality.

The design and construction of inflatable Stand Up Paddle Boards (SUP’s), has really improved over the last few years. In the past inflatables have been known to lack rigidity and therefore performance. However the 2015 Red Air iSUP has had several advancements in technology to give you the best performance and efficiency.

A stiffer board will improve performance and speed.

A stiffer board will be more stable, and will not lose speed or paddle efficiency through energy lost in board flex.

The material that Red Paddle use is a re-enforced drop stitch core, which will hold higher pressures beyond 20 psi, giving you a more ridged centre; this is the best starting block for a getting a stiffer board.

As well as the strengthened core, the Red Paddle SUP’s are built with a stiff and pronounced rocker line. This is done using a progressive pressure laminating process (top layer is laminated onto the board using high pressure rollers, which fixes the rocker). This will make it out perform many of the other brands on the market.

Red Paddle Co

A breakdown of the Red Paddle SUP showing off the rocker and layers.


The Red Paddle 9’2″ Surf Star, 9’8″ Ride and all Inflatable race boards will come with the RSS Rocker Stiffening System. This will make the boards as stiff as possible, and will prevent flex (like a stringer on a surfboard). This is achieved by adding the stiffening batons, which are removable.

Red Paddle Co

RSS Rocker Stiffening Battons, which slide in and out of the board.


The overall construction makes this a robust board

“The construction is actually 2 boards in one.” A complete board is built, and then an outer shell is laminated over the core to give a very solid resistant shell, making this board almost completely “bullet proof”. Four layers of taping, will make these the strongest inflatables on the market.


Red Paddle Co

Throw it off a roof, run over it with tractor.


Highly efficient and easy to transport

The easy inflation value lets you deflate the board and roll it up back to how it was initially packaged. This will easily fit into the bigger and more functional carry bag, which has wheels, a back pack option, and will fit all you need to transport the with minimal effort.

Red Paddle Co

On your back, or on the ground, the new bag makes is really easy to transport.

The package that we offer in-store includes a 3 piece adjustable paddle, and will fit comfortably in the new Red Paddle Co bag. We also give you a free leash!

As an example, Dave was able to take his 9’8″ Ride to Thailand as check in luggage with a room for a few personal belongings, everything packed in weighing in at around 15kg.

Red Paddle Co

Tom enjoying the Red Air 10’6″ on a wave in Phuket, Thailand


Finally, The Titan Pump, trumps all others out there.

“Less time pumping, more time paddling.” The new design Titan pump makes it so much easier to inflate your iSUP, pumping it much faster and to a higher psi than any other hand pump in the market.

You have the power of two pumps, working to initially inflate your board in the quickest time possible. Once you’ve got 80% of air in, isolate the high pressure chamber to get the last few psi, making you paddle board as stiff as possible.

Red Paddle Co.

The all new Titan Pump from Red Paddle Co.

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