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Durban: A Real Pedigree of Surfing Culture

October 13 2014 Categories: News, Products, Videos

Durban: A Real Pedigree of Surfing Culture

A good proportion of the products we sell and distribute come from Durban, South Africa, such as Xtra Foam Blanks, GAS FCS Compatible fins, Maisch Longboard Fins to name a few.

From previous posts you’ll see that we get between 4-5 40ft high cube containers a year, the majority of the space filled with the Xtra Foam surf blanks. For those of you who don’t know, this is the polyurethane foam which is the key and heart of a surfboard.

Obviously without the shapers knowledge and skill, it will just be a surfboard, however it’s good to know that the core of your board is of the up most quality.

General feedback from shapers is that the Xtra Foam blank is great to shape, stays white and has fantastic flex qualities; which team riders stove for.


It’s good to know that the origin of the products we import come from a high level of surfing knowledge, background and culture. This video just backs up the pedigree and the type of conditions that these guys enjoy regularly. It’s no question why our Xtra Foam blanks have been taken in high regard with the biggest and best surfboard shapers in the UK.

The likes of Luke Hart (Fourth Surfboards), John Purton (JP Surfboards), Graeme Bunt (Local Hero), Adrian Phillips (Fluid Juice Surfboards), Luke Young (Luke Young Shapes), Dave Farrow (Many Returns), Ryan Hervè (Nutz Surfboards) to name (drop) a few you may know. Also until recently the Chilli boards for the UK!

It’s worth mentioning without working closely with our shapers and Xtra Foam, we wouldn’t be able to bring you the high quality foam we do today.


Clockwise: Luke Young, Graeme Bunt, Adrian Phillips and John Purton.

Heres a small list of some of the products we get from Durban, South Africa:

Enjoy the video.

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