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Corporate SUP Session With The Kingsbridge Gazette

May 9 2016 Categories: News, Photos

The lovely ladies from the Kingsbridge & Salcombe Gazette were the first to sample our Stand Up Paddle Board Corporate evening.

A balmy, calm Friday evening at The Crabshell Inn, and a high spring tide made for a perfect Stand-Up Paddle board (SUP) corporate event with the ladies from The Kingsbridge & Salcombe Gazette.

A 18:00 start, meeting at The Crabshell Inn pontoon, where we were able to use the Waterborn SUP facilities for changing. Once the ladies were suited and booted, a quick safety brief followed by a basic instruction got everyone up and paddling in no time.

As the ladies quickly get on to their feet, we started paddling towards the top of the Kingsbridge Estuary by the Quay. Once that stretch of estuary was paddled, we turned back to the Crabshell pontoon for a special treat, and team building exercise for the girls.

Here are some of the images from the paddle:

Photo 06-05-2016, 18 14 38

Dave goes through the suitable paddle lengths, a palms width above your head, as well as some basic instruction.

Photo 06-05-2016, 18 21 38

The ladies set off up the Estuary towards Kingsbridge Quay.

Photo 06-05-2016, 18 26 33

Some got wet…….

Photo 06-05-2016, 18 28 47

Overall everyone managed to get on their feet and paddle quite well.


Enter SUPZilla, the Red Paddle Co XL SUP, where we managed to get all of the ladies on board, plus dave at the helm and Jason steering at the back.

Photo 06-05-2016, 18 46 40

The team embark on SUPZilla, and soon generate some speed.

Photo 06-05-2016, 18 48 36

The last stretch towards the Crabshell, as the team anticipate a pizza and a beer.

Post paddle we all headed into The Crabshell for a drink and a pizza; all part of the Corporate experience. Overall a thoroughly enjoyed evening by all, and a great start to the weekend.

You too can enjoy a corporate paddle and team building session with your colleagues, all for £30 per head. This will include a drink and a pizza, courtesy of the Crabshell Inn.

For further information about our corporate please give us a call on 01548 854 676, or email us on 


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