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The Triocean Surf King, Shortboard Sale

March 21 2018 Categories: News, Products

Here at Triocean Surf we’ll only put our logo on tried and tested boards we’re proud of. They begin as a concept, often thought up in-house by one of our team looking to make the most of the waves we have on offer in the UK.

We refine the designs with one of a handful of the UK’s best shapers and if the prototypes meet the standards of our local test pilots and staff members, you’ll see it in our rack and up on our site. And, for what you’ll notice is a considerably cheaper outlay than your average English-made surfboard. Solid, high performance boards at affordable prices…

And boy, do we have an offer for you today. The board that was the inception of Triocean branded foam, The King, is on sale for just £245 until the end of March.

Here’s why you should consider adding this one to your quiver:

The King was our first concept and together with Matt Adams we developed a shortboard that’s designed to go well in the sort of changeable surf we experience on UK shores on a daily basis.

To do this, the shape carries a little extra width and thickness over what would be your standard shortboard. More buoyancy means more waves. The tail lift and nose rocker then strike a fine balance. Both are low enough that even in slack surf, catching waves shouldn’t be a problem. However, there is still enough rocker through the nose and tail for The King to perform in overhead surf.

Underneath, The King is shaped with a single concave on the nose to plane at high speed which then moves into a double concave at the tail to keep it loose.

But don’t just take it from us. Here’s what one of our test pilots Mark Capps had to say:

“I’ve surfed my King in waves from 1-5 ft now and am loving it! I’m riding it at 5’11″ x 19″ so it’s around my normal shortboard size. It catches waves really well and accelerates quickly; the single to double is perfect as it maintains really good speed through turns which is important in our waves.

“The volume is distributed well and it feels really balanced and responsive in the water. The quality of Matt Adams’ finish is excellent and I have been surfing mine with a set of standard M5 fins. I originally got this board just to test for the shop but have surfed nothing else since; get yourself one!”

Check out all of our available models, HERE and feel free to pop in store any day of the week. Sale ends 31st March and we’ve limited stock…



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