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Why Buy Tootega Kayaks?

March 17 2018 Categories: News, Products

At Triocean Surf we only stock products we know from brands we trust. And that’s why Tootega Kayaks are our only choice for sit on top kayaks, both for sale and hire.

So, if you’re thinking about a new approach to spending time on the water as summer rounds the corner, looking to upgrade your current kayak or simply thinking about a one-off voyage with friends, we’ve got something to suit you.

About the Brand

Tootega Kayaks launched in 2010 as a brand concept in Norfolk, UK and have since grown into an internationally recognised manufacturer of sit on top kayaks. A key to their success is that the team are driven by a passion for paddle sports. They’re always looking for the next innovative step, both in terms of design and the manufacturing process.

It’s also worth noting that Tootega design, develop and manufacture all of their kayaks in house at their custom built facility. The same place they research and trial new plastic formulas and production technologies to ensure you’re left with some of the lightest, most durable and long-lasting boats on the market.

Oh, and did we mention the majority of our range come with a lifetime warranty from Tootega themselves…

Our Range

Tootega Pulse 85/95 Single

Tootega’s all-rounder, the Pulse, has been designed to do it all. It’ll go great in the surf and out on open water you’ve got a tourer with a solid, stable base to fish from and explore. The 85 model measures in at 8’6″ and for a little more leg room there’s the 95 model measuring 9’6″. More info: Pulse 85, Pulse 95.

Tootega Kinetic 100 Single


This is Tootega’s sport model, a refined version of the above Pulse 85. The overall design has been streamlined starting with nose allowing it to cut through the water more easily. It also features Tootega’s innovative, fully adjustable skeg system so you can balance manoeuvrability and straight line tracking. More info

Tootega Pulse 120 Tandem


The name says it all really. Tootega took their Pulse model and stretched it to 12 foot. This means two seats and extra storage making an ideal tandem boat for the family which weighs just 26kg. You’ll struggle to find a double this light anywhere else. Oh, and despite its size, the tandem model still maintains great manoeuvrability and the ability to catch waves. More info

Tootega Pulse 85 Hydrolite

By carefully optimising their mould tools, production cycles, materials and cooling process, Tootega have managed to shave nearly 20% from the weight of the standard, hugely versatile Pulse 85. This model weighs just 14kg so you’ll have no trouble getting it on your car or carrying it down to the beach. More info

The Kinetic 100 has also adopted the Hydrolite mould and you’ll find all the details on that one, HERE.

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