100% of Tested Pros Have Surfer's Ear - Consider Surf Ears Earplugs...
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100% of Tested Pros Have Surfer’s Ear – Consider Surf Ears Earplugs…

March 23 2018 Categories: News

A recent study by the Water Base Research Unit at Bond University has concluded that 100% of high level surfers suffer from some form of auditory exostosis, or what is more commonly known as surfer’s ear. 

Fourteen professionals were tested and the survey found that all but one had auditory exotosis in both ears. Only one had been previously diagnosed and the remaining individual still had the condition in just one ear. A scary prospect for those who spend countless hours in the water every week, especially through fruitful winter months.

Of course, the likelihood of being affected by surfer’s ear for recreational surfers is not as high as those who call it a profession. However, as wetsuit tech continues to improve allowing us to spend longer and longer in cold water, the worry is that ear infections and cases of surfer’s ear will only continue to rise. And none of us want to be subject to extra medical attention or even surgery now do we?

If you’re unfamiliar with surfer’s ear, it is essentially an abnormal bone growth within the ear canal caused by irritation from cold wind and water exposure. The ear canal can actually be blocked by this condition trapping water and wax giving rise to infection.

That’s why we’re here to tell you about Surf Ears 2.0. Many surfers won’t wear plugs due to concerns of not being able to hear properly or general discomfort. However, Surf Ears differentiate themselves from other earplugs on the market by ensuring that hearing and balance aren’t affected. So much so that you may completely forget you’re wearing them.

Two time world champ and Pipe Master Tom Carroll, a lifelong battler of exostosis, has worked closely with Surf Ears. After undergoing long overdue surgery on both ears, he couldn’t be happier with the latest version.

“My doctor took one look at the product and his face lit up with joy!” says two-time world champion Carroll. “Finally something he can issue to his never ending surgical roster of surfing patients, specifically designed to ensure the ability to hear and engage with others, while still protecting us from this extraordinary, natural protection response from our bodies. Thank you!”

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