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Red Paddle Co 2016 – 10’8″ Ride – Paddle Upgrade

Original price was: £935.95.Current price is: £835.

Paddle Upgrade - Free 3 piece fibreglass paddle and leash (See description for information)


Red Paddle Co 2016 – 10’8″ Ride – Paddle Upgrade

Paddle Upgrade

This package deal will come supplied with a three piece, fibreglass SUP paddle, worth £145.00 offering increased stiffness and therefore performance. The blade and shaft are both fibreglass construction, which alongside giving you a stronger paddle, allows more response, giving you more out of each stroke, leading to less fatigue and more valuable water-time.

Brand new for 2016 | 2 kg lighter | No loss in performance and durability!

New improvements for 2016

MSL Fusion Technology – “Monocoque Structural Laminate”

This involves an industrial process that fuses the second layer of hard-wearing polymer to the drop-stitch core at raw material stage.

What does this mean for me as the customer? 

Previous to this new technology, the layers the boards are made up from were glued together by hand. An excess of glue was used to try and avoid any dry spots and unfortunately, this meant that the boards were heavier than they should have been. MSL technology ensures that the perfect amount of glue is used for the material, being fused as the raw material by a machine.

The new process also means you will be able to roll the board up smaller and tighter, which makes fitting it into the bag easier!

Heat Seam

The high-pressure laminated, heat-pressed seam created an airtight, waterproof seal that can withstand anything you can throw at it.

Being high pressure laminated by a machine and heat-pressed on to the board, this removes all possibilities of human error leading to edges of the material becoming unstuck from the board and further adds to the uncompromisable strength and durability Red Paddle Co boards are renowned for.

Reinforced stainless steel attachment points

Attaching your kit to the front of your board has never been easier – the bungee system means your gear will stay in position and the stainless steel attachment points ensure peace of mind as they won’t break or rust!

One-piece deck pad

Being one-piece and machine-pressed at 170PSI on to the board, you can be sure that the pad will not come unstuck in any area of the board.

2 x Deluxe handles

Not wanting the handle to cause any pain or rubbing on your hands, the nice folks at Red Paddle Co have designed a soft, comfortable carry handle for the board, ensuring you have an effortless time carrying the board down to the water’s edge.

There is an extra handle on the tail of the board, giving you more caring capabilities and making it easier to climb on the board should you take a dip in the water mid paddle.

The Board

The 10’8″ Ride is designed with families and heavier riders in mind, great for first time SUP riders – with 296 litres of volume it can be used by anyone to do anything! Get the kids on board with you! A great board to use as a tender to get out to the boat.

  • Length: 10’8″
  • Width: 34″
  • Thickness: 4.7″
  • Volume: 296 L


  • Robust double layer construction for strength, stiffness and consistent rocker shape
  • EVA deck – non slip without abrasion
  • Special ‘Air Block’ membrane eliminates leakage – no loss of air pressure
  • 10 stitch per inch internal structure – no shape distortion
  • Quadruple rail construction

Ifin System

With zero warranty requests since the incredible Ifin system has been in production you have confidence that it is the best option. No tools, replacements or spares are needed for the iFin system – it won’t fail.

New 2016 luggage system 3.0

  • Coil Zip – No Snag, Anti Corrosion
  • Durable Carry Handles – Super comfy in multiple locations
  • Stitching – Bonded nylon sail making thread
  • there is nothing stronger!
  • Address Window – Never lose your board again!
  • Back Pack Straps – High load, padded straps for extra comfort and durability
  • Waist Band – Spread the load and prevent the bag from moving when carrying
  • Integrated Wheels – Built into the shell of the bag make travelling around airports light work
  • Store the carrying straps to create a sleek roller bag for seamless transportation!

Free Red Titan Dual Pump – Pumps twice as fast, with minimum effort.

Red Paddle Co. new revolutionary SUP pump, which pumps your inflatable much faster, and with less effort than any other hand pump in the market. This pump features two chambers: large volume – low pressure, and a low volume – high pressure. This is like having the combination of the Ezee pump and the HP (high pressure) Pump in one.

When you start pumping, you are using both cylinders to pump huge amounts of air into the board. Once you reach 10-15 PSI, flick a switch which will engage the high pressure pump (similar to the HP Pump), to maximise the air pressure inside you SUP.

See the video, where the research team at Red Paddle Co demonstrate the effectiveness of the TITAN Pump against the other other pumps they have brought to market.

Free Three Piece Adjustable Fibreglass Paddle (Worth £145.00)

With this paddle upgrade option, we are including a 3 piece fibreglass adjustable paddle (worth £145.00) in the package. With increased stiffness and a lighter weight, this paddle will improve performance and lead to less fatigue whilst on the water.

Free Flat 10′ Leash (Worth £29.95)

You don’t want to lose your board in the surf or on a long paddle – you need a leash and that’s exactly what we’re giving you, for free

Free Waterproof Phone Case

Included with every Red inflatable SUP is a free waterproof phone case with every board so you can now never miss a moment without the fear of getting your phone wet. Supplied with a lanyard, your phone will comfortably hang around your neck, ready for action whatever the situation.



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