Red Air Inflatable SUP 9'6" All Water RSS - White (2014) - Upgrade
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Red Air Inflatable SUP 9’6″ All Water RSS – White (2014) – Paddle Upgrade

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  • FREE: Red Paddle Co. 3 Piece Adjustable Paddle (£135.00)
  • FREE: Red Paddle Co. 10ft Leash (£25.95)
  • FREE: Red Paddle Ezee HP Pump (£29.00)
  • FREE: New Improved Wheely Carry Ruck-Sack
  • FREE: Waterproof Phone Case
  • FREE: Repair Kit


Red Air Inflatable SUP 9’6″ All Water RSS – White (2014)

“The Red Nine Six is fast becoming an iconic board, sought after in all corners of the globe. We have designed this board to work in all conditions, from cruising up the river to picking up waves quickly and easily. It has a similar mid point and nose shape as the 10’6” and shares similar lines throughout. The deck pad and wide tail aids control in all situations. The Nine Six comes with our patented RSS system which gives unparalleled rigidity for an inflatable SUP, a true revolution in inflatable technology.”

This board has been designed to work in all conditions, from cruising up the river to picking up waves quickly and easily. It has a similar mid point and nose shape as the 10’6” and shares similar lines throughout which means it will keep up in a group of paddlers on the flat while being more fun in waves than the bigger boards.


  • 9’6″ x 32″ x 3.93″
  • Volume: 193 Litres
  • RSS Rocker Stiffening System. More stiffness = better flex properties = better paddling and surfing
  • New and improved bag design with integrated wheels and updated backpack system
  • New thermosealed crocodile deck pad, with tail kick and cargo net attachment points
  • Robust double layer construction for strength, stiffness and consistent rocker shape
  • Special ‘Air Block’ membrane eliminates leakage – no loss of air pressure
  • 10 stitch per inch internal structure – no shape distortion
  • Quadruple rail construction
  • Ergonomically designed carry handle
  • Re-designed inflation valve
  • Rear towing eye

The 9’6” features a raised tail pad section which gives even more control when riding at speed.The Nine Six comes with our patented RSS system which gives unparalleled rigidity for an inflatable SUP, a true revolution in inflatable technology.

What’s in the box? The Nine Six comes complete with the best backpack in the business, a repair kit, RSS Battens, waterproof phone case and the Red Paddle Co HP Ezee pump which makes inflation to 15-20 psi easy, leaving you more time to paddle

Incredibly stiff. By design.

By looking at how and where a board flexes we have developed and patented the Rocker Stiffening System (RSS) to increase rigidity. It works by inserting stiffening battens along the rails of the board. The battens then work against the downward force of the rider to produce a stiffer board by preventing flex – similar to how a stringer works on a hard board. The stiffening battens are removable for easy board rolling and can be stored in the carry bag for transportation to and from the water

Click here for the guide to fitting the RSS battens


The best design. For the best performance.

Tec Air is not a product, it’s a process. We looked at how we built boards, and by focusing in on the key areas of the production process, we have been able to refine each process to make the very best boards. All Red Paddle Co boards are built using our Tec Air specification to ensure the best possible build quality. Our strength comes from the inside

Construction Exploded View

Less Effort. More Pressure.

Just one inflation is all you need to understand the progress that we’ve made with our new High Pressure (HP) pump. Inflating a board over 15psi is now much, much easier. It’s more comfortable to use, requires less effort and still allows you go from backpack to beach in the shortest time possible

Pump HP Action

Thickness. Redefined.

The Nine Six is 100mm thick. This thickness is perfect for boards with a surf orientation. The thinner rails make for better control on the wave face and while paddling out. Combined with the RSS system we are able to offer the stiffest boards in class with the best performance

In-fin-itely better. 

We have tested every system currently available and even developed fin systems of our own to find the best solution. Nothing comes closeto our tried and tested iFin system on our allround boards. Zero warranty requests since we started using the system mean that we remain confident that it is the best option. No tools, replacements or spares are needed for the iFin system – it won’t fail


Get carried away. Effortlessly.

After covering over 100,000 miles with our boards we had a really good idea of what was needed from the ultimate bag.Our all new bag has the most significant developments yet seen with inflatable board bags. It has integrated wheels that make travelling through airports a pleasure.The hidden back pack system can be stowed when not in use and is super comfy when you need to put the board on your back.The front loading system makes packing and unpacking super simple.The internal straps make sure the board stays put while in transit.This bag truly is the ultimate solution for travel and storage

Have you considered a paddle? The Red 3 Piece Adjustable Paddle would be perfect and will easily fit in to the backpack


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