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Starboard (2021) Enduro Tiki Tech 2 Piece SUP Paddle


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This amazing Starboard (2021) Enduro Tiki Tech 2 Piece SUP Paddle is an all-around paddle will suit anyone from professional to entry-level flatwater paddling. The direct, powerful and extra precise paddle shape with deep side concaves gets you from zero to hero.

The wide lower part of the blade helps create a maximum efficiency area even if your stroke is not yet deep enough into the water. That wide lower part is also great to lean on for stability in the waves and has been tried and tested by experienced paddle boarders all over the world.


  • Blade Length – 19.2″
  • Blade Width – 8.1″
  • Area – 80.7″2
  • Minimum Adjustable Length – 60.6″
  • Maximum Adjustable Length – 84.1″


  • 4 Pronounced concaves – The Enduro is more direct in the water. The first stroke feels incredibly precise and powerful. Increased cadence due to smoother water flows around the blade.
  • Tiki Tech – The strong protective top sheet covering artwork and surface finish.
    • UD Carbon stringer continues all the way from the neck to the top of the blade, enhancing the reflex characteristics and strength.
    • Full Biax glass fiber Filament rail infusion all the way up to the neck for greater overall strength.
    • Extended reinforcement on the blade neck for greater overall strength.
  • Angle of Blade – With 12° angle, the blade works in many different conditions. It’s the perfect angle to push you out of the water fast enough to catch a wave. It’s a great angle to cruise on a lake as it won’t require too much technique to achieve a pleasant speed
  • Tear Drop Shape – This shape is great for power paddlers and for those who are surfing and need to really dig in to get a quick start and maximize each stroke
  • New Super Handle – The flat top and wide grip create new powerful leverage of the whole paddle and the blade. One can steer the paddle on slight angles and remain with full power. Especially good for side winds and keeping the board on the course you may set
  • Super Smooth Clamp – Redesigned clamp, from good to great. 100% of grip on inner shaft for an effortless and optimum grip.
    • Reduced water infiltration and controls the alignment without twisting.
  • Prepreg Hybrid Carbon Shaft – New for 2021 this shaft is 20% lighter making it strong and economical.
  • S35 Flex Option – Popular with taller paddlers using a longer shaft.
  • Round 29mm Shaft Shape – The lightest and most versatile shaft. Preferred for all round paddling and waves.
  • 2 Piece Adjustable Shaft – Great for paddlers looking for different paddle length or sharing the paddle with friends and family.
    • The wide Tiki Clamp for a quick and effortless release.
    • The skinny rounded and flush clamp ensures that your hand never gets stuck on a hard corner when shifting grip.
  • The Trash Picker – Use the trash picker as a helpful tool to pick up plastic and other trash while paddling. It’s made from recycled plastic and comes with every paddle. Store the trash in a bag or pocket it until you reach the shore


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