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Wax-In-Styrene 100ml


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  • For use in hot coat or gloss coat
  • Mix thoroughly at 5% by volume
  • Enough for 2kg of polyester resin
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Wax-In-Styrene 100ml

This additive is to be mixed with polyester resin for use in a “hot coat” or “sanding coat”.

It eliminates the surface tackiness caused when polyester resin cures and hardens, allowing it to be easily sanded.

5% wax-in-styrene should be thoroughly mixed in to polyester resin before the catalyst is added.

Any further resin coats done after a hot coat (eg. a gloss coat) need to be sanded before application to ensure proper adhesion.

This 100ml quantity of wax-in-styrene is enough for 2kg of polyester resin

Have you considered fibreglass cloth?

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