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Torcross/Slapton Sands

Slapton Sands in South Devon is a beautiful and historic shingle beach which stretches for three miles along Start Bay. The water gets deep quickly at Slapton Sands, which is ideal for shore anglers. The area of Slapton, South Devon is a site of great environmental interest as coastal erosion and rising sea levels are slowly washing away a primary route that runs along the line between the two towns of Kingsbridge and Devon. Behind Slapton Sands is Slapton Ley, a nature reserve and good example of serial or ecological succession.

The beach is also a point of historical interest as it was used in 1943 before the D-Day Landings to rehearse ahead of the attack. Sadly however, live ammunition was used and, due to poor weather which reduced visibility, nearly 750 American soldiers died here. There is a stone monument on the beach which pays tribute to “Operation Tiger” and makes for a moving visit if you travel to Slapton Sands.

Life Guards
Food & Drink
Dogs Welcome

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Life Guards

  • Patrol times 10am – 6pm
  • July – September

Food & Drink

  • Cafes and Restaurants


  • Torcross Car Park (Pay and Display)
  • Torcross Village Layby (Pay and Display)
  • Slapton Memorial Car Park (Pay and Display)
  • Strete Gate Car Park (Pay and Display)

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