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Billabong Pro Tahiti Round 1 Wipeouts

August 20 2014 Categories: News, Videos

Billabong Pro Tahiti Round 1 Wipeouts

We all like to see 9/10 rides, but we also like wipeouts, and what better event than the Billabong Pro Tahiti.

“The entry fee to Teahupo’o is not free. You have to pay, sometimes with the beating of your life”

As some of you will know, the Billabong Pro Tahiti is fully in swing, coming into the end of Round 2.

So what do we know about this wave, well when its pumping, it can be one of the scariest rides on the whole tour, and possibly one that gets the media attention for that very reason. The Round 1 wipe-outs just show that:

If it’s not the gnarly, super steep and fast take-off, its the thick lip that can smash you into the super shallow razor sharp reef. Once you do make the drop you have to try and maintain your speed to make it out of the barrel.

Heres how the pros get it done:

Taj Burrow, Matt Wilkinson, Mick Fanning, Owen Wright, Kai Otton and many more all getting aquatinted with that Polynesian reef. I’ll probably stick to the Bantham rip on this occasion.

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