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The Best Thing To Do On A Sunday

March 13 2014 Categories: Product Reviews, Videos

The Best Thing To Do On A Sunday

I don’t know if you remember what an amazing morning and day last Sunday was?

Dave, Mike and Tom took the opportunity to spend a beautiful Sunday morning on the Kingsbridge Esturay on their Starboard Stand Up Paddleboards . This was followed by a surf on Bantham Beach later on that afternoon. Lets hope this weekend brings similar conditions.

The sun was out, there was no wind, and the estuary was glassy and smooth, the idea flat water paddling conditions.


Dave was paddling the Starboard 14’0″ Brushed Carbon All Star:

Dave says this about the SUP:

“Having completed a few races on 2013 All Star, this years version is definitely quicker. This is noticeable as my training partner now struggles to keep up with me. I’ve also taken 14’0″ x 28″ All Star on several paddles at Bigbury Bay on a small swell and this board has proven to be both quick and stable.  An excellent all-round flat water/ racing SUP”


Tom was paddling the Starboard 14’0″ Tourer:


This is what Dave says about the Touring:

“This is a good all round flat water board, a little slower than the All Star but a stable flat water board. It is not all out sprinter, but will keep up with racing boards on long paddles. The best way to glide around exploring your own coastline.”

Mike was on the Starboard 10’5″ Drive:


This stand up paddle board may struggle longer paddles against the All Star or Touring, however this will perform very well on a wave. Don’t get me wrong, this will still paddle well on flat water, making it the best All Round Stand Up Paddleboard. 

On their trip, they boys passed by the Crabshell Inn, where they stopped for 241 pizza’s and just a coupe of beers later that evening.

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