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Amazing footage of Chopes on a Phantom Cam

January 12 2012 Categories: Videos

An old school friend brought this to my attention.

This breath taking piece of film was shot using a Phantom Camera which help capture high speed action shots at a ridiculous 10,000 frames per second (at a resolution of 600 x 480).

Some of you may have seen this already, however I feel it is such a good piece of film which shows you in real slow motion the power this wave has, and how difficulty it is to ride. Makes you really appreciate the level of top surfers around the world who attempt feats like this.

Credits for this going to Chris Bryan, who mentions: “The French Navy labeled this day a double code red prohibiting and threatening to arrest anyone that entered the water.”

He also quotes Kelly Slater who said: “witnessing this was a draining feeling being terrified for other people’s lives all day long, it’s life or death. Letting go of that rope one time can change your life and not many people will ever experience that in their life.”


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