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How strong are these Red Paddle Co SUP’s, really: PART 1/10

August 20 2017 Categories: Uncategorized, Videos

By now you’ll all know about the increasing popularity on Stand Up Paddle-boarding (SUP), in particular Red Paddle Co. Aside from their excellent construction, ease of use, unrivalled performance and exceptional customer service, how strong can they be?

Red Paddle Co set out to find the answer, putting their own spin on ‘product testing’, which is sure to entertain most viewers.

So how have the creative geniuses at Red Paddle Co set out to test the overall strength and durability of their SUP’s? Simple, they put it up against ten of your common paddle-boarding hazards, which we will show you each week until the surf picks up.

Test number 1: man’s best friend and probably the most popular paddle-boarding companion, the common hound. Lets see how the Red Paddle 10’6″ Ride came up during this ‘Lab testing’ mission.

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