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August 26 2011 Categories: Uncategorized

FCS is pleased to announce the release of Green Flex™, a new composite fin material made from *post-consumer waste. Green Flex™ material is engineered to replicate the flex and memory of a traditional fibreglass fin, even closer than the current Glass Flex composite.

The prerequisite for developing the new material was quite simple, it had to have minimal environmental impact, and perform to world class standards. The new

material, developed in conjunction with FCS’s molding partner C.Brewer and some dedicated material specialists, is made from 50% fiberglass + 25% virgin nylon + 25% post consumer recycled waste.

Used carpet collected from InterfaceFLOR makes up the post consumer recycled waste component of the Green Flex™ material. Nylon fiber is stripped from used carpet and mixed with fiberglass to formulate the new composite material. The new material is then molded into FCS fins to be used by surfers around the world.

The release of Green Flex™ comes after a lengthy period of development, testing and refinement. Initial response to the new Green Flex™ material was overwhelmingly positive; consequently the goal to convert the FCS composite fin range to the new Green Flex™ material has finally become a reality. FCS is also committed to refining and improving the Green Flex™ material by adopting cleaner production methods, and increasing the use of sustainable practices.

The combination of materials gives each Green Flex™ fin its own unique DNA. At first glance all Green Flex™ fins look identical, however on closer inspection it’s possible to see where the introduction of ‘used carpet’ has created minor variations in colour. So while some fins may not match perfectly to others in colour, the performance, geometry and flex properties of each fin remains the same.

The performance of the new Green Flex™ material has been validated by many top tier FCS team riders, along with retailers, and members of the wider surfing community. All participants in the testing phase unanimously agreed that Green Flex™ material provided incredible response and a positive feel across a wide range of conditions and board models.

Green Flex™ material will be phased into production during 2011 becoming the standard material across the composite FCS range. This includes the M Series fins, along with the popular shaper and surfer templates such as the G-AM and the K-3.

* Once a material or finished product has served its intended use and has been diverted or recovered from waste destined for disposal, it is then considered “post-consumer.” Having completed its life as a consumer item, it can then be recycled as such.

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