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Leash String Do’s and Dont’s

November 22 2019 Categories: Tips and Tricks

It may sound simple, but people still get this wrong. You suffer a heavy wipe out, get dragged along ankle first, then you surface and… your board has been cheese wired by your own leggy string.

We have this repair come up so often, this blog will probably lose us business – but it’ll save you damaging your pride and joy!










The rule is; don’t tie your leash string so its longer than the rail of your board. As you can see, this is a prime example of how to make a big hole in your tail.


The correct way looks like following:

Many leashes such as this Ocean & Earth one come with a pre-attached leggy string which you simply loop through the leash plug and back on itself, then seal the Velcro as normal.

Otherwise tie an over-hand knot in the string, then thread it through the plug and back through itself. Then attach the leash.

It’s as quick and easy as that, and can save you a trip to the repair man. Alternatively, we are more than happy to attach your leash for you in store and offer any advice you may need.

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