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Surf Ears 3.0 Ear Plugs


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Surf Ears 3.0 Ear Plugs, that let sound in and keep water out. They come with changeable parts in different sizes that allow you to customize them for your ears in order to find a comfortable and secure fit. Suitable for surfing, swimming, white water kayaking, diving, wakeboarding, and other water activities.

SurfEars protects your ears from water, cold air, dirt and bacteria while maximising hearing and balance. SurfEars let’s so much sound through it’s easy to forget you’re wearing ear protection.

Surf Ears 3.0 have lose to zero acoustic loss in the frequency range of human speech, while the best competitor cuts away about 20-30dB. To give you a reference, 30dB is roughly the different between the loudest and lowest volume setting on your phone. That is a significant difference.


  •  Core with acoustic mesh – Shaped to boost acoustic performance and sealed with a mesh that protects you from the elements.
  • Sealing Gel – Seals the ear canal in a comfortable and secure way. Comes in 4 sizes for custom fit.
  • Fixation Wing – Keep your plugs in place. Comes in 2 sizes for custom fit.
  • Optional Leash – Eliminates risk of lost plugs – not least in the car park.
  • Adjustable Ear Tip – Lets you adjust how far into your ear canal the ear tips sit. Increasing the products customisability. People who already have surfers ear appreciate this.

What’s In The Box?

  •  One pair of SurfEars, pre-assembled with size medium and an adjustable leash.
  • 4 ear gel sizes
  • Two support wings, size small.
  • A jazzy storage case to keep them safe.

What is surfer’s ear?

Surfer’s ear is extra bone formed as lumps that grow in the ear canal. The cause of it is exposure to cold water and wind, especially the combination of the two as the wind creates a chill factor when your ears are wet. The extra bone growth, also called exostosis is believed to be the body’s defense mechanism to protect the ear drum. The problem is that the exostosis doesn’t go away afterwards, instead it continues to grow. As surfers we are frequently exposed to windy and wet conditions and that’s why this condition is common among surfers. Hence the name; surfer’s ear. The pace of the bone growth will increase with lower temperature and more frequent exposure. However, how bad it gets varies from person to person as some seems to be more prone to develop exostosis than others.

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