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Xcel Infiniti Comp X 5/4mm

£239.95 £191.96

The most flexible kids wetsuit in stock. Lighter, softer, warmer & fits like a second skin.



Xcel Infiniti Comp X 5/4mm

The super warm and flexible Xcel winter wetsuit is back with a new lightweight engineered design. The 2018 Kids 5/4mm Infiniti Comp X features cutting edge TDC Thermo Dry Celliant technology neck to ankle, allowing maximum warmth without compromising durability and movement.


  • TDC Thermo Dry Celliant Technology
    • Exclusive to Xcel, this smart fabric is scientifically proven to convert your own body heat into renewable infra-red energy. The 4/3mm Infiniti Comp X boasts the revolutionary warm and light TDC from neck to ankle.
  •  Japanese Limestone Nanoprene
    • Due to the impermeable micro-cell structure, this allows the wetsuit to remain lightweight while being extremely flexible adjusting to fit your body while maintaining durability and comfort.
  • Rapid Dry Fibers
    • The interior lining boasts unparalleled fast drying.
  • X2 Chest Entry
    • Water tight zipper with magnetic closure and a glideskin collar to prevent flushing. Easier, Warmer and More Flexible. The chest zip is a stronger seal that keeps water out and warmth in.
  • FusionX Seam Tape
    • Allowing maximum, all way flexibility while creating a interior waterproof seal that increases warmth and minimises water transference.
  • Inner NexSkin Wrist & Ankle Seals
    • Minimal flushing occurs due to the second skin bands around both wrists and ankles, maintaining as much heat as possible.
  • One Piece Front and Back
    • Minimal seams means unrivalled comfort.
  • Flexi Back Knees
    • Grooves are shaped at the back of the knees enabling as much flex as possible.
  • 100% Ultra stretch neoprene
    • Unrivalled performance and flexibility. Surf better for longer


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