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BOS Surfboards 6’0″ F2 Model (White)

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An extremely versatile shortboard with amazing performance. Super smooth and fast flowing.

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BOS Surfboards 6’0″ F2 Model (White)

The all new F2 Model from Hugh Brockman is the most versatile all round shortboard made by B.O.S. Surfboards.

The F2 follows the template of the stubbier shortboard which has been designed to work on 2ft mush to the 5ft clean and pumping days. However, there are some subtle additions that make this board the all round go to shortboard.

The stubby shortboard outline keeps the board flowing and fast, with a little extra width up front giving this board more stability and plaining speed. There’s a little more ‘chunk in the trunk’, but is not super thick , just a touch thicker than the performance shortboard. This is popular with the power surfers that really want to push hard through turns. The combination of this boards width and thickness give the rider  a smooth and clean ride with full rail turns, whilst still performing well in the air.

“The extra width at the front is popular with the air guys, providing some stability for landing” says Hugh.

The entry rocker is the ‘business’ end of this all round shortboard. The curve is not too extreme, just a touch straighter on the entry, giving you some straight lift. As a result this will handle very well in more powerful steeper surf. The rocker line will give you more acceleration and down the line speed, and still lets you accomplish high speed rail turns. The softer rails towards the front half of the board makes this board a little more forgiving to ride.


  • Length: 6’0″
  • Width: 19 1/2″
  • Thickness: 2 1/2″
  • Single to Double Concave
  • Futures Thruster Set-Up (Fins Included)
  • Fibreglass
  • Carbon Tail Inserts

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