FCS 3 Piece Tailpad Essential Series T3W - Triocean Surf
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FCS 3 Piece Tailpad Essential Series T3W


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FCS 3 Piece Tailpad Essential Series T3W

The FCS 3 Piece Tailpad T3W is applied to the tail (back) of your surfboard to give you:

  • Grip and Traction – whilst performing powerful manoeuvres or turns off your back foot.
  • Finding the “sweet spot”of the board – the point over the top of your fins which will give you a more effective and powerful turn.
  • Help with Duck-Diving – some surfers like to use the end tailpad to push the nose of the board, with your toe, towards the surface of the water during the second stage of a deeper duck dive.

This 3 Piece Tailpad has been designed to give you more grip and more drive. By helping your feet keep connected to the board, you can convert the energy you create from each push into increased speed and drive. Additionally the pronounced custom grooves help give you grip off your back foot, especially when completing snappy manoeuvres off the tail.

The Essential Series has been designed for most wide board types using the latest traction technology.


  • 3 Piece Tailpad
  • Length: 340mm
  • Width: 310mm
  • Arch: Flat
  • Kick: 35mm
  • Thread: Double Diamond Groove

To explore some of the boards you would use this tail pad with, click here

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