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Maisch Longboard Fin 7″ Dolphin


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Maisch Longboard Fin 7″ Dolphin

The traditional fin shape with a base wider than the tip giving stability and predictability. This fin is great for long, drawn out turns. The different sizes give a wide variety of results: by using a small fin for less stabiltiy and more slide, the larger fins are best used as a single fin, these are excellent for a solid surf and point breaks where speed is essential. The best fin for any surfer!

General Fin Characteristics:-

  • Depth – The maximum height of a fin as measured from the bottom surface of the board. This shows how far the fin goes in the water. The hold of the surfboard increases with more depth but generally makes it harder to turn as well. 3-4 inch depth is standard on tri-fins and longboard single fins typically have a depth of nine inches.
  • Template – The fin outline.
  • Base – The length of the fin where it joins the surfboard. Increasing length adds forward drive, but makes it harder to turn. Shortboard tri-fins usually have a 3.5-4.5 inch base, longboard single fins are about 6 inches.
  • Foil – The horizontal curve of the fin, measured from the front edge to trailing edge.
  • Rake – The distance between the trailing edge of the fin base and the fin tip. This is the swept back characteristic of the fin. Increasing rake increases traction.
  • Tip – The top third of the fin. More tip means more hold.
  • Flex – Stiff fins are faster but flexible fins are easier to turn.


  • Height  – 7″
  • Base Length – 5 1/2″

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