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Surfboard Shaping Kit (Shortboard)


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Surfboard Shaping Kit (Shortboard)

This surfboard shaping kit combines all the materials you will need to start shaping and glassing your own shortboard (up to 7’3 in length).

You have the option to select your Xtra Foam surfboard blank and fin plug options. We have pre-selected the polyester surfboard resin, wax-in-styrene and surfboard fibreglass options to match the blank you choose.

For more information on glassing a surfboard and fibreglass cloth weights, please view the knowledge base post here

You may want to purchase additional items. We have chosen some related products which we think may be of use – once you have added the shaping package to your basket, feel free to research some of the many other shaping supplies we carry in stock.

You may want to consider these items to help you finish glassing your own surfboard:

Rubber Squeegee

You will need this to apply the resin to the cloth.


The best method for cleaning resin from your squeegee and brushes.

3M Fly Mask

This will help protect against any harmful vapours (from resin and acetone), as well as dust from the surfboard foam whilst cutting and sanding your a surf blank.

Please refer to the video tab for information on types of resin, mixing resin and quantities of additives

We also have minimal and longboard shaping kits. Please follow the links for more information


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