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Triocean Team Riders Winter Essentials | Noah Capps

April 22 2019 Categories: Sponsored Riders

Its April. The sun is shining, the daffodils are singing; its spring time. And with that we emerge, (still head to toe in neoprene) with a renewed excitement for warmer weather. It is here we end our winter chats with our Triocean team riders winter essentials series, after a chilly season with some decent waves. Last, but by no means least we catch up with Noah Capps. How have you been Noah? Whats been going on your side of the river?
I have been training super hard for the upcoming pro juniors in Europeans can’t wait for them to start!

What board do you go for when the waves are pumping? I have developed a board with Luke Young called the Prodium which really suits punchy winter swells as it has more rocker.
Do you have a regular favourite winter destination? Don’t really have a favourite but I love travelling to Fuerteventura. It’s such a warm place and the waves there are super heavy and intense.
What the quiver you take with you when you go abroad? I usually take 3 boards but the boards vary depending on where I am going, if it is somewhere heavy I might take 2 Prodium’s and 1 mini zero but if the waves seem more mellow i will take the opposite.
So now we know board to get once we’re as good as you. To fully transform into Noah, what else do we need? My super warm 5/4 Protest Wetsuit. I don’t really mind putting on big thick wetsuit’s as I know I will warm up quickly in the water if I keep moving aha. In the winter it’s vital I have my ocean and earth 6ft premium leash for the bigger waves.
Do you have any other passions besides surfing? I love training with fitness, I’ll aim to work out 4 times a week and stretch everyday. Also I really enjoy hanging out with my mates when the waves are flat.
How do you motivate yourself to surf when its howling onshore and cold?
Some days I’ll just be super amped and will just run in what ever the weather, but on some other days I have a playlist I will listen to before going in that always psychs me to go in.
For comps and days when you’re in and out of the water, how do you stay fuelled? If I’m surfing at my local beaches, normally I will pop home between surfs and eat as much as I can fit in haha. On the other hand if I am competing I will meal prep and try and make nutritious snacks to power my heats.
How do you recover and warm up post winter surf? I might hop straight into my joggers and dressing gown and sit by the fire with a latté.
Considering you’ve been surfing in the cold your whole life, how do you prevent the dreaded surfers ear? I try and wear my hood as much as possible but when I do I wear the little putty earplugs. I find them easy to put in and they keep all the water and wind out.
What advice would you give to someone who struggles with surfing in the colder winter months? Definitely invest in a thick good quality wetsuit! Then everything becomes easier.
Any thing else you’d consider vital to stay stoked in the winter?
Lovely warm clothes are priceless on the freezing winter days. Protest sportswear have an amazing winter collection that always keeps me perfect temperature weather it’s sunny or snowing. Good swell and hanging with friends is definitely vital for a good winter!

Although our team riders winter series is ending, you can keep track of Noah’s progress competing by following him on instagram – @noah_cappsy

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