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Xcel Wetsuit 2017 Sale

March 11 2017 Categories: Products


With the recent drop in air and water temperatures, many of you may be on the lookout for a new winter wetsuit.

Xcel wetsuits have long been at the top of the cold-water neoprene game and this year has been no different with their range being as good as ever, boasting new features and keeping you warmer for longer.

The tried and tested 5/4mm Infiniti is a go-to wetsuit for many surfers. The glued and blindstitched seams with additional taping on the inside, makes this a warm and very flexible wetsuit.

Combined with a new TDC lining (thermo dry celiant) in the chest and back panel, the Infiniti is packed full of top end features and is popular for a reason.

Xcel Mens Winter Wetsuit Infiniti 5/4mm

Xcel Mens Winter Wetsuit Infiniti 5/4mm


Xcel Mens Winter Wetsuit Infiniti 5/4mm




















TDC is Xcel’s warmest wetsuit lining ever, found nowhere else in the market. TDC’s clinically proven Smart Fiber Technology converts your body heat into infrared energy for maximum warmth, increased endurance, faster recovery, and enhanced overall athletic performance. The infrared printed low pile TDC delivers the ideal balance of warmth and flexibility.


Thermo Dry Celiant (TDC)

The 5/4mm Hooded Drylock is Xcel’s top end suit. It sports the best features and is the warmest in the range. Similar to the Infiniti, the Drylock has glued and and taped seams, with a liquid outer seam (the three together make up the stitch-less “fusion weld” technology). The full TDC lining on the inside (high pile celliant on the chest and back, low pile celliant on the upper torso and the lower legs) ensures you will be warm throughout the depths of winter in most of the UK’s waters. As an improvement over previous years, the 2017 5/4mm Drylock is the only fullsuit to utilise a 100% waterproof zipper system. Added to the rest of the high-end tech, the end product is a well thought out, practical product born from the high demands of the end user. We certainly give it a thumbs up.


Xcel Mens Winter Wetsuit Hooded Drylock 5/4mm


Xcel Mens Winter Wetsuit Hooded Drylock 5/4mm


















Xcel Mens Winter Wetsuit Hooded Drylock 5/4mm

You can view the rest of the spec for this suit on the product page, where we have up to 20% off on the limited stock we have left.




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